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January 20, 2009
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Sitting here at my desk, Reduced to words and a picture. Desiring your loving caress, In my mind you are a fixture.  Thinking of those other people, Who now get to share your space. I am frustrated and jealous, Longing to gently kiss your face.  Tears of happiness and pain Share equal time upon my cheeks. My imagination runs wild, I'll see you in only a few weeks!  Soon thereafter, we'll be ripped apart, Distance will again come between us. Spring Break follows right behind, Holidays without you make me fuss.  I love and I miss you, Ryan, I can't wait to see you soon. A place in my heart is empty, Visible holes, just like a popped balloon.  Others may fill my time, Tasks may distract my mind. Nothing can fill my heart, Like your touch and love in kind.  I am yours in word and truth, In body, spirit, and action. Tell me what you will have of me, Other things are but a distraction.  Unwavering devotion have I for you, I am faithful to you to no end. This distance imagined is temporary, And with time my heart shall mend.

09:50 PM Jan 20 2009



my god this is probably one of your best pieces.... i love this poem, i can relate to it in so many levels! i love you so much, i have accepted that the all these things we go through are only more ways to prove we are perfect for each other. we'll overcome this like we've overcome worst. You have stolen my heart and I feel as if no other person could ever give it the same attention as you do. We truly are meant to be... i can't wait to prove everyone wrong... i can't wait to be with you for forever... i can't wait for this distance to be only a kiss and embrace away.... I LOVE YOU TAYLOR! MUAH!


October 14, 2008
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You kissed me with so much passion
I could have melted through the ground.
The kiss was so beautiful and sensual 
I could have fainted right there.
I looked at you, you looked at me
you smiled, I smiled,
then we kissed again even with more passion.
It was cold outside, but the cold didn't affect me.
Your lips not only warmed me up
but opened my heart to this amazing thing stronger than love
You gave me the courage to go on.
My only wish is you will be the only one I will love
and no other and I will be your only one.
what a kiss it was.
A kiss that will always be in my heart...
A kiss that was beyond describable...
A kiss that I will remember always and forever.
Whatever you may feel
whatever you make think about the kiss
I know it was perfect in every way

Just like you….

10:37 PM Jan 21 2009

Slavic miracle
Russian Federation

is it song? For poem text is a little blunt.

02:01 AM Jan 21 2009



It's good description and I really like your poem..

 you presented in  good manner

write more..

10:32 PM Jan 20 2009



it's very romantic............

11:38 AM Oct 14 2008


it was that perfect...it was that special. taylor it is my promise to you that when we are finally together all our kisses will seem like first kisses... flashbacks to when i finally met my soulmate are rushing to my heart and head right now... that day was so perfect even though it was for a short while. i look forward to next month where i can spend more than just those 4 hours with you...time to memorize your cute and adorable facial expressions...time to hug and kiss you whenever so desired...and most especially time to express this pent up love...the type of love only shown through simple things such as a kiss... you mean so much to me taylor...im so glad it was me....iniibig kita at walang iba...

September 11, 2008
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Give me your hand to hold and your heart to entrust,
I’ll be what you want, your love or your lust.
I’ll empty your soul of worries and doubt
I’ll show you myself, inside and out.
I’d give you my hand and never let go
I’d do my best to make the time go by slow.
I’ll catch you if you stumble and won't let you fall
You’ll be my everything, even if I’m not your all.
Throughout it all you are my very worst temptation but none
of that matters with love as my salvation

02:07 AM Sep 11 2008


this guy is very lucky... i'm jealous...