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February 20, 2008
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We find Japan's fantasy culture amazing.  From hostess clubs to themed love hotels, the country has countless opportunities to escape reality and disappear into worlds catered exactly to your dreams.

One of the latest stories to come from Tokyo is no exception.  In an effort to spice up their lives and receive emotional satisfaction, women are heading to Butlers Cafe, a coffee shop where English speaking men dressed as butlers will treat them like the princesses they wish to be - and throw in an English lesson or two.

We're trying to get a couple applications for part-time gigs for Jason and Captain Jeff.

February 14, 2008
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The full video of the Ebaby! members who fell in love while learning English and got married went up today and it inspired a few blog posts on the Web.

Efl Geek put up a post about the video, the CEO of a marketing firm called eROI blogged to say he really liked the ecard we sent out yesterday, and Raoul's China Saloon was inspired to post a general review of our site. Thanks guys!

Hey maybe you should blog about English, baby!. See, we'll link you here from our blog. Don't believe me? Click on that seemingly random link two sentences back. It's a link to an Open Giga post about us. Boom. There's another link to a blog about Ebaby! This could be you! Just be sure to tell us when you blog about us so we won't miss it.

And see, everyone's doing it. Even Jason made a blog about some other adventures he had when he went to Turkey to make the video.

01:24 AM Jun 10 2011

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09:24 PM Feb 14 2008


you are such a good blogger

February 11, 2008
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It has been interesting watching the evolution of social networks here in the U.S.  A few years ago sites like Facebook and MySpace wanted little to do with international users and analysts pointed to Friendster as a miserable failure because of the huge number of users outside of the U.S.  What was most important then was U.S. advertising dollars, which meant traffic from the U.S. was what mattered most.

Then came News Corp's acquisition of MySpace and its international charge into countries such as China.  It seemed they realized that their product could be used worldwide and expansion beyond the U.S. was a tremendous opportunity.

Over the past year Facebook has gotten into the international game and is touting its growth in other countries.  We're now watching a race to grab customers outside of the U.S.

USA Today recently posted an article about the global expansion of social networks as well.  Things are heating up.

As one of the few social networks concentrating solely on the international market, we've recognized the huge potential of users around the world from Day 1.  And while other social networks seem to be focusing their international efforts on establishing country-specific sites, Ebaby! has a rare opportunity to have one site for everyone, effectively connecting the world.

Stay tuned for more activity in the social networking space as our world gets smaller and smaller.