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February 27, 2018
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#261: Making the Shots (Photography Interview)


Instructions:  Listen to the *vimeo* video above and fill in the blanks below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but advanced students should try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video (without looking at the list of missing words and phrases).  The answers are given at the end of the lesson.

Main Features:  There are two main features in this video lesson.  1) The "v" sound in the word "of" is often silent.  You'll hear the following phrases:  one of [one uh]; some of [sum uh]; a lot of [a lot uh]; a part of [a part uh].  2) The word "to" often sounds like "ta" or "da".  You'll hear it in the following phrases:  to be [da be]; to do [da do]; to get [da get]; to make [da make]; to shoot [da shoot]; ready to [ready da]; day-to-day [day-da-day]. 

Missing Words and Phrases (19):  A lot of [a lotta] (2 times); a part of [a part uh]; at her [at er]; because [cuz]; day-to-day [day-da-day]; one of [one uh]; ready to [ready da]; some of [sum uh] (2 times); to [ta] (2 times); to be [da be]; to do [da do]; to get [da get]; to get to [ta get to]; to make [da make]; to say it [da say it]; to shoot [da shoot].


I'm Matt Riley.  I've been a photographer for Virginia athletics [1] for 12 years.  __________ I do, uh, head shots, portraits, and photograph all the events for Virginia athletics.  Uh, _______ my favorite things _____ are "location shoots" [2], whether it's going to the pool or setting up something over in the football [3] practice facility, just, uh, something different _____ give a different look _____ things.  

_______ my favorite photographs are when I used water with the soccer player Morgan Brian [4] and had her jumping into the pool.  And we were throwing water ______ and just creating a dynamic image.  It's definitely {changes}.  It's all over my office.  It's on my desktop background.  It's hanging up.  It's my favorite photo.  

It's rewarding when you, when you do a shoot and you put ________ work into it, ________ time setting it up, then when you finally get that final result and it's just awesome and people, people are telling you what a great photo it is, I mean, that's kind of a cool feeling.

The best part, I think, is the interaction with the athletes.  I've created some, some phenomenal bonds with, with great people -- Malcolm Brogdon, Morgan Brian, Leah Smith [5] -- I mean, you're talking about professionals, Olympians, you know?  It's just a, a great, a great job!  

Pre-game at JPJ [6] is always exciting.  The band is always, uh, there and there's chances for some cool photos with the cheerleaders, the students.  I always like it when the introductions are done and the team huddles up, they put their hands up, and then they announce Tony Bennett's name [7], the crowd goes wild _______ everybody loves Tony.  And then, you know, {it's} about ________ start.  There's just no more exciting place _____ on game day than John Paul Jones Arena.  

Um, my favorite shots ______ during the game are definitely the emotion shots or the celebrations.  Um, I love the look on people's faces and just the sheer energy that it brings to the photo and telling the story of the game, you know.  You're always looking for ways _______ it look different and something they haven't seen before, whether it's going to the catwalk [8] or going up in the student section ________ a different angle. 

Uh, another ______ my favorite parts of the game is the camaraderie with the other photographers on the sideline.  I've made some really good friendships along the way and, um, you know, we're always there for each other.  We're competing to get the shot but I know like if I need something they're there for me and I'm there for them.  

You know, I'm _________ this university and I'm a fan as much as I am a, a, an employee.  But win or lose, uh, I love what I do and _________ tell the story is a great job.  There's no other way _________.


[1] Virginia athletics = The University of Virginia's sports teams (men and women). 
[2] Location Shoots = Photography sessions that don't take place in a studio, but where the athlete does his sport.  
[3] Football = American football (not soccer).  He's speaking American English.
[4] Morgan Brian = A professional soccer player who plays for the US Women's National Team. 
[5] Malcolm Brogdon, Morgan Brian, Leah Smith = Malcolm Brogdon plays in the NBA.  Morgan Brian plays for the US Women's Soccer Team.  Leah Smith is an Olympian who won the bronze medal in the individual 400-meter freestyle event and the gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle team event.  
[6] JPJ = This is short for "John Paul Jones" arena where the basketball team plays its games. 
[7] Tony Bennett = The coach of the men's basketball team. 
[8] Catwalk = A narrow walkway.  You can see it at the 1:30 mark of the video.


1) Day-to-day [day-da-day]
2) some of [sum uh]
3) to do [da do]
4) to [ta] {He says it twice}
5) to [ta]
6) some of [sum uh]
7) at her [at er]
8) a lot of [a lotta]
9) a lot of [a lotta]
10) because [cuz]
11) ready to [ready da]
12) to be [da be]
13) to get [da get]
14) to make [da make]
15) to shoot [da shoot]
16) one of [one uh]
17) a part of [a part uh]
18) to get to [ta get to]
19) to say it [da say it]

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