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jasonsimmsSuper Member!

United States

February 1, 2008
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Lots of love on the site this week. And I don't mean just the romantic kind. Love for us too! In addition to all the great stories on this forum thread about how people learn English and make friends here, people have been singing our praises in the comments. 

A Brazilian woman said we help her learn outside of her English class.

And a similar sentiment from a Pakistani member.


I suppose we are doing something right. I mean, we apparently reach a demographic in Korea that has never heard of MySpace


I also discovered Chinese girl who had never heard the English name for the Spice Girls until our English lesson on their reunion.


And there was some major wisdom shared about love in our English lesson on love after divorce. This comment from a Filipino member is English words to live by.


But it wasn't all love this week here in the land of ESL and social networking. At least not for me anyway. One Chinese member thinks it's completely obvious that Mason is more attractive than I am, and that's why he'll prevail in our little love triangle.

And amidst the hundreds of positive responses to our Turkrainian Wedding Preview, I found one nonbeliever. 


And one master of self-love.

And what would a best English comments post be on Ebaby! without a note from someone looking for love, looking for friends and English chat? There's no doubt that one new Chinese member loves English.



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View all entries from Inside Ebaby! >

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