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Saudi Arabia

August 14, 2008
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Why do women cover's their bodies from head to toe, while they wearing good clothes under their-Abayas-,and why they hide their beauty that God gave them? It's wasting for time & money!!


Morals should be guarded and there is one way to ensure that moral order is to obey the Islamic rules that organize the well order and moral aspect of human life. In Islam, woman's dignity is asserted and one way to obtain it is to protect her from any harm. One way to ensure that the dignity of women is partly done by the woman her self. Women are asked to wear respectful dresses that covers her beauty. The form of the dress is varied in some countries, they wear ((Abaya))as" long cloak" ,in other Islamic countries they wear jacket, shirts and long-maxi-skirts. The style it self is not important, what matters is that it should cover the whole body.

In Saudi Arabia " the whole body " but in other Islamic countries they cover the whole body " except the face & hands " The reason why women have to cover their beauty is that not to arise the desires of men and then blaming them if they violate the moral rules.

In Islam the responsibility is moral for both men & women. While men are asked not to abuse women in any way , women on the other hand are asked to cover their beauty. Women are only allowed to uncover their veil and wear the personal dress without veil only in the presence of their parents, brothers, husband ,but other men are not allowed to see women in the personal dress, they can only see them in the perfect Islamic dress. Because women's body is not commodity or something of a low degree. It is kept away from the eyes of intruders who have no right to see any woman except their wives.

It's not a waste for money.Because I can buy address for a wedding party in which most of my body appeared ,but I should not allowed any foreign men to see me except my husband. Islam doesn't prevent me to wear fashionable dresses, but Islam organize how and where to wear them. I can wear any thing in front of women in the party and because of that Islam prevented Muslims to have parties were men & women are sitting in the same place. The ladies are celebrating with the bride, and men are celebrating with the bridegroom . At the end of the party the groom takes his bride and leave to the hotel or to their home. So, there is no waste of time or money. We can enjoy our time with a great freedom when we are alone, away from men. 



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12:07 PM Jun 10 2012

United Arab Emirates

Whoever answered this obviously doesn't realize that the "MUSLIM MORAL CODE" was written by a few ignorant men for their obvious "moral" and personal interests. It is a woman's fault if her "beauty" aroused a man? How about the stupid man who had aroused for a woman who wasn't his wife? And men can have FOUR wives? Can a wife have FOUR husbands? This is totally pathetic. Ladies, wear what you want without compromising your inner compass. Everyone else - get some respect and dignity.

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