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March 19, 2018
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Nobody speaks

Nobody is here except me 

Nobody is willing to comfort me

Nobody has a heart of gold

Nobody is a nobody

Has a body but doesn't seem to have a body

Can a nobody be a somebody?

For sure a somebody can be a nobody

What do you think?

Could you help me think about how to have a helping hand?

A helping hand?


A hand that stretches toward the poor soul.

I am heaving sighs

Anybody wants me to die

March 16, 2018
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The love that I first felt was sweet as.

The aroma of its first sweetness sated my sense of smell.

The love, with its sweet-smelling odor created excitement and exhilaration in my soul.

Made my heart leap like a deer who was leaping upon seeing the spring  water.

But the feeling of delight that love caused won't stay constant.

Love has its other cryptic nature of sorrowing my soul.

That the dulcet pleasure it created commences to end.

Bitterness and sorrow takes over.

The once aromatic state turns into dismality.

The vigorous soul languishes.

March 13, 2018
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Oh melancholy, why won't you go away? 

Why do you want to stay for so long?

Honestly, I am struggling, but they won't notice how you hit me so hard every day.

I always try to stay calm and to look tranquil.

That neither my forehead wrinkles nor my eyes blink, but deep inside my heart it pricks.

Does this mean, I am important to you? 

Does this mean, I am loved by you?