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April 1, 2010
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This is a joke from ''Friends'', season 1 volume 4.

 In the beginning, guys are discussing the question 'what will you do if you are omnipotent?' 

'Omnipotent' is an adj., which means you can do everything you want, and you are just like 'God' that have the ultimate power.

After Phoebe and Chandler announced their answer, Joey came in the coffee shop.

Then, Monica asked him : What would you do if you are omnipotent? 

Joey misheard what she said (guess what he heard :D), and he answered :

Probably kill my self, because if little Joey is dead, then I got no reason to live.   

Ya, he misheard  the word 'omnipotent'. What he heard is 'impotent' instead of 'omnipotent'......

Do you know what 'impotent' means? That means someone has lost his sexual ability, or undersexed. :D

And then  Ross found this misunderstanding, repeated the word :


 Joey still misheard what Ross said, he thought Ross said:

''I'm impotent.''

 Oh my god! 


                        I' m-in-po-tent 

 Then Joey feels very sorry for that,, said:

You are?????Oh Ross I' m sorry, I have no idea, I thought it was a theoretical question!!!


I think that is really funny XD

(this XD means lol in Taiwan, which means laugh out loud. You can turn your screen 90' , and you will know it.) 


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04:18 PM Dec 24 2010



i like watching friends:)

11:00 AM Apr 01 2010





55+  lol