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March 23, 2008
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Here are 3 relatively easy ways to get SparkCash without a

credit card or Paypal account:
1) Visa Gift cards 2) The prepaid Ultimate Game Card 3)

pay through the mail

If you need support with any of these payment options

please submit a ticket through the CSR ticketing system.

1) Buy a Visa gift card at your local grocery store, drug

store, or bank.
You can buy Visa Gift Cards at many different places across

the United States. These gift cards work exactly like credit

cards and can be used to buy SparkCash online. Click here

to visit Visa.com and view a full list of gift card retailers.

You can even search for locations near you.

After purchasing a Visa Gift Card, do the following:
IMPORTANT! Read the instructions on the back of the card

and follow any steps necessary to enable online use.
The card will not work unless you register it first.
Visit the Outspark SparkCash page and make sure you are

logged in to your account
Select the amount of SparkCash you would like to buy and

choose ClickandBuy as the payment method (even if you

don’t have a ClickandBuy account)
Login to ClickandBuy or click on “Register here”
Select the credit card option (shown below)
Enter your gift card number like a credit card number to

complete your purchase
Start Shopping!



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