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indian romantic stories in english




I am Milan from India. I am trying to translate Indian stories basically Bengali stories. I think you will like. I am giving you a sample of it. It is the beginning of the story. A romantic story.

 {The play is been continuing near about last ten minutes. Now heroine will enter the stage. This is the turning point of the play. All stage lights are getting worn out. Only the light of right hand side of stage will spot on Alik. A luxurious drawing room. Alik will be strolling. A spot light will be focusing the centre stage where the girl will appear, like a soul or incorporeal at the same time. “Oh! No, what the hell is this!” Barshan murmurs. Alik has started to stroll on the stage. Extra time is passing speechlessly. What’s wrong going on? Why the stupid girl is not entering the stage. Barshan loses his nerve. He looks at other characters sitting in green room there also beholding Barshan. Only the girl is absents there. Heart beats become faster. “Where is she?” he asks others by gesture. Everyone swings there heads as a pendulum. Barshan realizes that the wooden deck is going far from the under office feet he attempts to make his mind understand, “this is not real. I am probably dreaming”. Alik is strolling and strolling, he does not have a dialog even. Every one is on edge in green room. Every one encloses Barshan. His group is from countryside. After a huge effort they have got the chance to perform in ‘Shishirmancha’. Eighty percents of the audience has come from their local area and rest of are Kolkata’s wise, renowned and respected persons. The hall is house full today. Chock a block with audience. Barshan is perspiring. Alik is trying to manage the stage by concocting and delivering the cooked up dialogs. Minati comments to Barshan, “you could have not rebuked her that day”.Barshan startled. “How she can create this kind of prestigious situation for that silly matter! Is it possible?”Barshan is standing with his head down. He knows that all members of the group staring at him. Every one wants to blame him but has he rebuked the girl in a very bad manner? He does it to all even to Minati who is much elder than him. “But she came here and went for make up. Where she could go?” He says like soliloquy.A boy told, “Should we go outside to find her?” - Yes. Barshan runs out with the boy. When he was going out he saw that Alike was coming out from the stage and the stage is getting dark.} 

If you like and want to read the story then I am really very sorry, because I have not translated the full story. It is too big. Every day I translate it as far as I can.

But I can do one thing for you.

If you wish leave your email id here or in my privet inbox of this site. I will remind you when some part of story I translate. My purpose of doing this that I want to spread my countries literature through out the world. 





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