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different festivals in different countries




english is a kind of tools of communication.language itself is not enough in communicating with each other,i think.in most cases,what we lack is culture.culture is the most important part of communication.

now  let me introduce sth about Spring Festival in China.

it comes in Jan.or Feb. students,workers,etc have about 2weeks off.for spring festival,we get various things ready,including,food,drinks,snacks,clothes…we persue new,clean,happiness,luck,peace at the festival.

we play with fireworks,different kinds.

pay a visit to friends to express our wishes to them.

the elderly give red packets to kids to express a good wish.

spring festival carries too many chinese traditional cultural elements.get to know China,begin with Chinese lunar new year.


08:12 PM Jun 13 2009 |

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every country has their own culture,festival…i am feom india we celebrate holy (the color’day)diwali,kite day..sis day brother’day…..its awesome…...on these days people have get togeather…eat sweets festive food..wear new cloths…it so much fun….............every where(in all country) we do the same thing on festivals but we call that them with differnt name…

06:14 AM Jun 16 2009 |




hey deepalijain,
nice to meet you here.

04:13 AM Jun 17 2009 |