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what were your feelings in the 1st day in college?

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

On my first day at the University , I Entered from the door confused!.. I used to study in special schools for girls only, I Did not study with youngmen (guys) ever since I was in third grade primary! (is is a law in our country).. so it wasn't easy!.. but now I find it easy and my feelings are: happy, success :) :P

wht about u?


08:56 AM Oct 21 2009 |

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qq_babySuper Member!


It was a little bit scary because I also have to go to a different city. It's the first time I leave home. Now I'm used to it!

12:23 PM Oct 21 2009 |



realy very tensed….i was very tensed that whether ill get good friends…

09:09 PM Oct 21 2009 |




i was very happy as i enter into the classroom….i m a fun lovin kind of person n got lots of friends 

04:21 AM Oct 24 2009 |



American Samoa

now i think about this day i feel that my 12 years old lose in date PASSAGE.


05:03 AM Oct 24 2009 |




I havn't got to college yet but my first day in college will be after aweek and I am already feel nervouse Sealed

I am worry about how I would deal with new people and if I am gonna have new friends or I am gonna have my lunche alone :(

and the most thing that I am nervouse about is would it be easy or hardUndecided

03:43 PM Oct 24 2009 |



In the first day in college, I was so late in class because i can't find where it is….Tongue out

03:37 AM Oct 29 2009 |