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Native speaking teacher vs. non native speaker



United Kingdom

Do you think there is a difference between learning English with a native speaker teacher (someone who speaks the language as their first) or a non native speaker teacher (someone who has learned the language and is now teaching it)?  How are you guys learning English?  Personally, I think there are pro's and con's to learning through both.  I've just written a blog post about this and would love to hear some of your opinions.  


06:04 PM Feb 05 2011 |

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Czech Republic

When i started to learn English i had a non native speaker teacher. Now i've got a native speaker teacher. In my opinion a non native speaker teacher is better for beginners, because he can explain differences between languages, he can clarify the basic rules, grammar etc. in you language. But a native speaker can help you with pronuncation more then non native speaker, because his ears are used to listening his own language, so he can easly correct your pronunciation. Then you must talk with him in English, so you practice your speaking too.

10:09 AM Feb 06 2011 |



United Kingdom

I feel the same as dancin4108 – I mostly teach English conversation and thankfully I don't have to delve into the depths of grammar, my grammar isn't the best!  Yocriz, you make a valid point, for beginners a non native speaker teacher would be better suited as they can explain why 'x' is done or not done.  A lot of my students are adults and are interested in slang and learning the British accent.   

08:26 PM Feb 06 2011 |

murad ali

murad ali


yes i agree with Diann and criz  —that non native speak with take of all language grammar and right way in consideration  and for the native is speaking correctly and  sometime miss the order of the sentence ..

so we Leann the right sentence stricture and listen to the native to lean the way of speak  ..

09:58 PM Feb 06 2011 |



Actually this is an interesting question. I feel non-native teachers are good because non- native teachers know the fundamental  grammar which is an important for to learn some foreign lanuages. Moreover, the native speakers may not able to understand the common mistakes of learners and they themselves will do some errors while teaching grammar

11:00 PM Sep 30 2011 |