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Help editing my essay



Hi every one I need someone perfect in writng to help me to editing my essay becasue my grammar is very poor.

08:49 PM Feb 17 2017 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >



Thankyou,but these sites not help me editing my own articles,I can easily get online articles from internet,but I need some one editing the articles I written by my hand from my mind.

11:13 PM Feb 20 2017 |



Dear Hamdy

                                                                                                                                           I would like to help you with editing your essays.

Please feel free to send me your English essay to the following email address:


Thanks very much for your friendly trust.

Happy learning English!                                                                               




12:55 AM Mar 15 2017 |



Dear Hamdy

My email address reads as follows:

12:56 AM Mar 15 2017 |


United Kingdom

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03:15 AM Mar 29 2017 |


United Kingdom

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06:23 AM Jun 24 2017 |


United Kingdom

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12:19 AM Aug 02 2017 |


United States

it is also helpful for me…for artical post

12:32 AM Aug 02 2017 |


Syrian Arab Republic

I need to learn english..please

01:45 PM Aug 04 2017 |