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question about Jewish's roots




first: this thread is not created to justify Israel's actions in Gaza!

because of it if You want to share your angry,hate,distress or sympathy to one of the sides of this conflict please,please,please live this thread now before You read it.i have created this thread only to take some knowledge about Jewish history.

because I found many opinions like bellow i started to think about Jewish's roots.

May question also is what was this land call before established Israel state 1948..?

what i'm sure about is that israel is an intruder and a country created on a religious and a fanatic idea

They wanted to create a new Country in Palastain

I have some knowledge from school but unfortunatelly not too reach… I remeber for example that i was learning about aliyahs.
Aliyah – return of the Jewish People from the exile in the Diaspora back to the Land of Israel.

So I started to think why all on this forum are writing that Israelians are intruders on this lands??? Did I missed something?

my first thaught was: "of course I have had to missed something – i have always been weak in history…"

second thaught: "so why Jewish was returning exactly to this land during each one aliyah? why they didn't returned for example to Kamchatka, Greenland or Australia?!?"

third thaught: "zionist must be based on local legend, Jewish must be only religion not ethnical group with their homeland"

fourth thaught: "lets check it out"

So, first of course I took the book, secondly I read wiki pages after that I made phone call to my brother in low which has studied history and is absolute guru for me in such subjects.

All three sourcess confirmed my so far knowledge. I will copy/paste  it from wiki because it is much faster than I create it myself. but it accords with all three sources which I checked out.

The origin of the Jews is traditionally dated to around the second millennium BCE to the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Merneptah Stele, dated to 1200 BCE, is one of the earliest archaeological records of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, where Judaism, possibly the first monotheistic religion, developed over a period of thousands of years.

In 970 BCE, David's son Solomon became king of Israel

In 722 BCE the Assyrians conquered the Kingdom of Israel and exiled its Jews, starting a Jewish diaspora.

Defeats suffered by the Jews in the First revolt in 70 CE, the first of the Jewish-Roman Wars and the Bar Kokhba revolt in 135 CE notably contributed to the numbers and geography of the diaspora population


so my questions are:

are Jewish ethnical group / nation?
if yes, where are their homeland – their roots?

I hope that there are here some historican, ethnologist or some other expert in this subject which could answer my question.


01:27 AM Dec 31 2008 |

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hi tom,

there's a good book if you want to know how was it created.it's a novel called"o"jerusalem".it's a novel written by "dominique lapierre and larry collins".

the israelo -arab conflict is a complex one and this novel explains that complexity.

i also want to know is judaism a religion or a race?


04:42 AM Dec 31 2008 |




Hi Hakimi,

Thank You for pointing me to Canaanites civilization.Interesting/fascinating, I have to force my brother-in-law to find for me some good sources in library. I wish to have time machine to jump to 3000 bc to this region… & thank for the link.


Hi Lilimira,

Thank You for sharing. I'll try to find this book.

Hymm, it seems  that Jewish could be race, their ancestors seems to be some tribes from Mesopotamia. But I think (i don't know it) that most important component of Jewish national identity is religion.



05:24 AM Dec 31 2008 |




Initially most religion start with a perticular race. Islam with the "arab" race, Hindu/bhuddist with indian race. etc.

so yes, Jewish was initially a race of people who could have the same origin as the arabs. 

Judaism is a religion now. Today Jews are multi ethinic in nature. from black  to european to Indian

Intrestingly , the orginal jews were black/brown people. 

The Europeans(read whites, no offense meant) considered them  impure people because of their color and persecuted them. This could be the real start of racism.


07:59 AM Dec 31 2008 |




India was one of the place in the world where the Jews faced no anti-Semitic from the native community(except during Portuguese Inquisition of Goa and Bhamani Rule of Goa where jews and hindu's were mercilesly killed.)

there are five native Jewish communities in India:

  1. The Cochin Jews arrived in India 2,500 years ago and settled down in Cochin, Kerala as traders.
  2. The Bene Israel arrived in the state of Maharashtra 2,100 years ago.
  3. The Baghdadi Jews arrived in the city Mumbai from Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, and Arab countries about 250 years ago.
  4. The Bnei Menashe are Mizo and Kuki tribesmen in Manipur and Mizoram who claim descent from the tribe of Menasseh.
  5. The Bene Ephraim (also called "Telugu Jews") are a small group who speak Telugu; their observance of Judaism dates to 1981


Bene Israel




Cochin Jew

Cochin Cemetery

Photo taken on Jew Town Road, Cochin across from Pardesi Synagogue.
Notice the Rabbi Nachman stickers on the motorbike.

Jewish cemetery in Cochin


08:14 AM Dec 31 2008 |




Interestingly term Semite refers broadly to speakers of a language group which includes both Arabs and Jews.

08:23 AM Dec 31 2008 |




and from what i have read so far, Palestinians were never ethnically Arabs but today they are called Arabs .  can any one tell me why that is?

08:27 AM Dec 31 2008 |



Israel Fighting~!! 555+

11:12 AM Dec 31 2008 |



United States

In cases of identity generally it matters what people call themselves.  Jews consider themselves to be an ethnic group and a religion.


Anyway, on the history of that area of the world, Wikipedia is your friend.  

11:37 AM Dec 31 2008 |




i can add to hakimi's explanation that jews exists and existed everywhere.the algerian jewish have the same roots as all  the algerians,but they did another choice.in the war  for the independence,they chose the french side.their old people wanted to stay in algeria while youth saw france as  a promissed land.before that incident,the algerian muslims and jews where the same people.so,  i think that judaism is a religion.it's true that jews don't care about converting people to judaism.they are a closed community and they think that they are god's favourites.so, they have the right to be in palestine as it's the land of the ancient scriptures.'the land of palestine is a promissed land"  this what i have described as a religious and fanatic idea.if all people on this earth think that way,all the world will go on fire.the political map of the world will change.i believe that jerusalem is for all religions and a human's inheritance.it's impossible to make the world unchangeable.jews have done many exodes during the ancient past and it's impossible to return to the past .

jews and arabs have the same father who is 'abraham',but a religion should know no race.we are all the creation of god and his favourites.there's always another way to be only human and to get out of the tiny and ugly  circle of races. 

05:07 AM Jan 02 2009 |




Palestinians are Canaanites and canaanites's root from Yemen

The term Palestine is derived from Greek: Παλαιστινη/Latin: Palaestina, which refers to the biblical Philistines, a people of Aegean origin who settled in the southern coastal plains of Canaan 

The Greek toponym Palaistinê (Παλαιστίνη), with which the Arabic Filastin (فلسطين) is cognate, first occurs in the work of the Greek historian Herodotus, active in the middle of the 5th century BCE, where it denotes generally the coastal land from Phoenicia down to Egypt. Herodotus also employs the term as an ethnonym, as when he speaks of the 'Syrians of Palestine' or 'Palestinian-Syrians', an ethnically amorphous group he distinguishes from the Phoenicians. The word bears comparison to a congeries of ethnonyms in Semitic languages, Ancient Egyptian Prst, Assyrian Palastu, and the Hebraic Plishtim, the latter term used in the Bible to signify the Philistines.

The Romans popularized the term Palestina after their destruction of the 2nd Jewish Temple in Jerusalem when they uprooted and exiled the majority of Jews from the land, then known as Judea. This was an attempt to revoke the Jewish connection with the land of Israel in both name and substance


07:52 AM Jan 02 2009 |