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Life Talk!

Importance of the love in our life




The love in our life :

Love is something all people like
Everyone has an idea about how is Love.
But all people know the effects of love in our lives.
When we love something, we work for it, and sacrifice our lives for it.

The Love could be for:
- God, Messengers of God, Heaven (for believers)
- Husband, Wife, Mother, Boys, Sister, Father, Brother …..
- Jobs, Activities, Studying, Sport ……

What is the love for you?
What are the effects of the love in your life?
Is the Love necessary in your life!
Can you live without love!

12:19 AM May 19 2009 |

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Viet Nam

It's very difficult to define love exactly. Love is just what we feel. While we look forward to things which are very far, love is really near us. But, when we recognize that, love has gone. All remaining things are just regret. We wish we could return time, yet it's too late to do that. Thus, when love comes, we should widen our heart to greet it.

Besides, love things around us even very small to feel how good the life is. Don't miss any wonderful time because time for us is limited

11:56 AM May 19 2009 |




The meaning of the word Love is huge that people think.
Most of people see to the Love, as it’s only between the woman and man, but it’s not only that, it has a lot of meaning and destinations.

For me, I can divide the Love according the level:



Love of God (Allah):


How we don’t love Allah, who created us, who gave us this life, Who blessed us with all these blessings, Eyes, mouth, feet, breathing and ………….


If we count the blessings of Allah, we can’t count them, we have only to be grateful to our God, and the Love for Allah has no equal in the world, is more than any other thing.

Love of Our Prophet Mohammed:


The prophet Mohammed is the most person I love in my life, I love him more than myself, more than my parents or any other person.

How can’t I love the prophet who took us from the dark to the light, he was a mercy to the mankind, to lead them to the right way, to worship the one God.



Love of Messengers (Moses, Jesus …..)


Who don’t love Jesus, who came with the message of Love and justice, and spread the love in our world

Who don’t love Moses, who was sent to lead people from denying to the right way.


Who don’t love other messengers who were sent to what is good to those people.


Love of Mother:


Love of mother, is a love that I can’t describe, because it goes across our feeling, and it was born inside us.


How can we love the Mother who carried us 9 months, and stayed nights awake during our sick, the mother who don’t know only love for her children.


The Mother deserve the love more than other people, and it deserve that we take care for her, more than any other person in this world.


Love of Father

The Love of Father, is love of family
How can’t we love the person, who take care of us, and look for our interests, and work so hard for us, to bring us up and raise us
The father who see you always a child even you’re 90 years old.




Love of Wife or Husband :

This kind of love, is very important in our life, it’s not like any other kind of love

This love is a mercy and blessing from Allah to us

The man is not a full man without woman, and woman is not full without the man

No one can without the other, Allah created everyone for the other, to complete it.

The man is a half, and the woman is a half, together can man one.


Love of our Children:


Children are a gift from Allah, to cheer up our life, and give up the meaning of life, to go one in our life, and work for them; Children are from the most beautiful gifts that Allah gives it to people.



Love of Job:


When we love our jobs, we can give more, and go far, and invent.
Love of job is very necessary in success in our professional life.


Love of Sport and activities:

Love of those things, makes difference in our life, because it give us more energy in our life, to break the routine in our life, and give us a new start in our days.



This is the meaning for me
And I believe that the Love of Allah is over than another love
and the Prophet Mohamed is most important one I love, more than myself.

I hope that you understand my point of view
Thank you

12:47 AM May 20 2009 |




we don't have to understand love,we need to feel it. and it's true that we can feel it when we go beyond our ugly selfishness.

may god make us taste all the kinds of love on this earth!


11:42 AM May 20 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i love to love :p

04:50 PM May 20 2009 |



Algeria,your words are very good.

I agree with you very much! 


06:00 AM May 21 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

love to have long age Laughing

07:58 AM May 21 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

:D why not ? you can to get marriad 4 time . but you can love one time .. this topic about love !! or can you ??

ok i am not positive . i am sensitive  Innocent


03:13 PM May 21 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

not in the same time ! am i sure ?? i don't agree with you .

when you love someone by your heart and mind . there will be no place to another love hehehe Laughing


03:48 PM May 21 2009 |



love links to soul ^^

07:37 PM May 21 2009 |