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Life Talk!

Funny pictures of Ahmadinejad and many lessons…


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Fatemeh Rajabi (government spokesperson’s wife) published a book called “AHMADENIJAD THE MIRACLE OF THE THIRD MILLENIUM


Now we’re going to see a few pictures from this miracle.

This happen when somebody is smaller than his place,


Ahmadinejad: With my coaching Iran can smash brazil 10-0.


Mahmud and …


Mahmud is posing


I’m reelected, reelected, reelected!!!!!!




Mahmud and his hidden beauty.

Mahmud is so excited of being amongst journalists that can’t hide it.


Mahmud in zoo


Here all are waiting Mahmud hug and kiss her

Mahmud plays all kinds of sports internationally in his career.

Mahmud and his cabinet wear dustman’s suit: We all are labor!!!


Ahmadinejad even don’t have time to take a bath because he’s really enjoy his presidency.


Attention, I’m Mr. President!!!


Khatami: if you promise to be a good boy, I buy you a candy.


This person in right is Khatami, ex-president of Iran and cause of Iranians’ proud; he also is originator of “Dialog among civilizations” in UN. This is the difference between a person who is competent and incompetent. We Iranian learnt many things from Ahmadinejad, we learnt that we should control our inner Ahmadinejad and if we don’t have deserve to tak a position so it's better to leave it because it may cause comedy and tragedy together.

03:11 AM Oct 14 2009 |

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I don't know too much about AhmadiNejad but contrary to your mimics (although they are funny too and i have enjoyed it), he looks highly confident person, the person who is having dignity and pride behind his simplicity. 

Thanks for sharing pictures of such a lively person.

03:19 AM Oct 14 2009 |



such great leaders we get proud of .not like our Arab leadres who are like sheeps can be driven by dog.any dog.

it is not a question to be with him or against him but any leadre imposes himself  we must recognise him.that is what Ahmadi najad is doing.

03:38 AM Oct 14 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi Saladeen

Your welcome, I’m happy that you enjoyed.


But I’m disagree he’s cheating people he’s not what he says, as you see in these pictures he acts like 5 years old boy not an adult person, a confident person can control himself in different situations , how a person that can’t control his feelings in front of TV and reporters can be a confident person?


He isn’t what our nation deserves.


05:08 AM Oct 14 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi abosalahad


Yeah, He says something that your leaders can’t say but why Iranian people should pay its price. I also dislike what Israel does with Palestinians but saying “wiping out Israel from the map” or denying certain historical events like holocaust doesn’t help Palestinian, these sayings only worsen situation.  


Anyway, we Iranian are ready to give this miracle to Arabs countries if they really want him but unfortunately he doesn’t agree he want to stay here and want to be Mr. President forever.



05:09 AM Oct 14 2009 |




i hope the best is give from Him to you,  Iranian.

06:34 PM Oct 14 2009 |