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Life Talk!

writte a short paragraph about your country??

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

ok. let`s me start

my cuntry is kingdoom of saudi arabia it islamic cuntry and it has two hole mosqe

one in makkah onother one in madinah

but the capital city is riyad

Kiss but iam from jeddah

jeddah is a port

(The Red Sea port of Jeddah)

it between makkah and madinah

that short answer about this question

coz. i wanna onather saudi person add more



i will wait 4 u

08:14 AM Aug 13 2007 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

thanx my dear i hope iraq become peasfull cuntry soon enshallah

and congratulati 4 win.

04:08 PM Aug 19 2007 |

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

thanx my dear 4 ur few word and usefull word

03:10 PM Aug 20 2007 |




I am an indian.India is a country with unity in diversity.All peopl in india are very helpful and sympathetic.In india the most beutiful thing is our culture.The climate is also very fine.My country is fully green…...Nature is so beutiful.



11:52 PM Aug 20 2007 |




Algiers coastHi everyone, I would like to describe u the splendor of Algeria my country
of adoption and my country forever.It is very vast with almost 27,1 million
people it s capital is Algiers.It is situated in northern Africa,Tunisia and Morocco are its neighbors.It is reach with natural resources like petrol that
can be found in the south of Algeria in the "Sahara".The four seasons there
especially in the Capital are well regulated.The winter is cold,rainy and sometimes snowy;Snow falls mainly on the mountains,The spring is full of colored flowers,fruits and butterflies,the summer is sunny good for swimming in the beach.
Our coasts are large and nice to visit,the autumn is windy,the beauty of
the trees moving swiftly are like a painting done by an Artist.People there are
known by their hospitality,simplicity and Their attachment to their traditions.Smile


04:05 AM Aug 21 2007 |

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

thanx 4 ur replay

06:57 AM Aug 21 2007 |




hi, everybody! I'm from Romania. The capital of Romania is Bucharest, but I live in Brăila, port at Danube. Bucharest is also the largest city in Romania(2 million people). My country is very beautiful because the landscape is very diverse. You can  also visit a lot of other things: monasteries, castles etc.. If I start now to write about what can you visit in Romania, I would write until tomorrow. If you want more informations about my country you can click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romania  

12:22 AM Aug 29 2007 |



hi nice to meet u i wish i will be able to be ur friend i want to tell u iam a university student and i want to get information from u..with my respect to u

08:43 AM Jul 11 2010 |

Lujain Gh

Saudi Arabia

Hi !

I'm from Jeddah too !

I just love ittttttt ! <3

It's a pretty costal city,

big and crowded, there's alot of malls you know !

i love shopping :P

i love my jet-ski, and going to the beach house ! <3

Hmmmmm ..

By the way.. Saudi Arabia is NOT like what you think.. it's not like what you see on TV !

we really got angry from that epicode of MTV true life

that one about saudi arabia teenagers !

i was like what the helllllllllllllll !!

they showed us like we don't have any goal in our life, and we just wanna have fun and party all the time !

even when they chose a teenager who has a goal.. her goal was freakin' stupid !

she wants to be an Abaya designer -"

"yeah whatever ! " -_"

it's not really important thing to talk about in a TV show like that !

the whole world saw it, and they already have stupid ideas about our life :S

we don't need to give them MORE stupid ideas :S

and now they just think that our society is so strict !


it's wrong !

we're so comfort in our life, but we know that religion is important too !

not all of us wear Hijab, it's optional, and some girls are just don't like to wear it..

I have aloooooooot of things to say..

but i think that's enough XD

thanks for reading :P

05:26 AM Nov 28 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Hello englishbaby friends! First of all I want to thank stand by me for posting this interesting forum that allow us to let people know more things about our countries :)

Let me tell you a little bit about my country:

Colombia is a Country located in South America. In here you can see many traditions spread all over the country. Our weather is usually tropical, except by the Capital and a few more regions where it can even snow. The flora and the fauna are so diverse and so beautiful..

People are very kind hearted, hardworking and full of dreams. The traditional food is delicious (I prefer it even compared to the food you can eat in a 5 star restaurant, Lol!) and we love dancing too. Foreign visitors always get a good impression about my country, which is very different to the one many of you watch in the news. And just if you are considering to come visit us, I want to welcome you by saying: COME TO COLOMBIA, THE ONLY RISK OF COMING IS WANTING TO STAY :)

Specially for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rOOFnrdEX8 

10:15 PM Apr 07 2011 |