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  • Futsal Tomorrow Go Super!
  • follow one's heart

    Slang - Thursday

    follow one's heart

  • Swimming Lessons

    Real Life - Wednesday

    Swimming Lessons

    Have you ever tried a water sport? Swimming is a good workout for everyone. It is a low-impact sport. Child...

  • Yank One's Chain

    Eavesdropping - Tuesday

    Yank One's Chain English, baby! Video Lesson

    Think about this. Your friend tells you that he wants you to be his guest. He will take you to Hollywood in...

  • Pope Francis

    Real Life - Monday

    Pope Francis

    In Catholicism, the pope is the highest priest. People often want to hear his ideas. The current pope, Pope...

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What does "adaptation" mean?

  • when a book is made into a movie
  • a good thing, a desirable thing, something one feels happy about
  • when you wing it, you get by with what you have, you think quickly to make something work without having everything you might need

Practice: adaptation

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  • Work

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    Movies - Thursday

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    Some would say that in the world of huge corporations, the American dream of becoming wealthy through pure ...

  • Romance

    hopeless romantic

    Slang - Wednesday

    hopeless romantic

  • Hobbies

    Woody Allen

    Movies - Tuesday

    Woody Allen

    Woody Allen is one of those directors whom a lot of people either love or hate. Almost all his movies are a...

  • Friend

    X-Men: First Class

    Movies - Monday

    X-Men: First Class

    Everyone feels a little bit different sometimes. Maybe you’re the tallest one in your family or the o...

  • Music

    Guns N' Roses

    Music - Friday

    Guns N' Roses

    There’s something to be said for spontaneity in music. Back in 1987, Los Angeles five-piece Guns N...

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  • Comparatives and Superlatives

    "The sky's the limit" - Ticha Penicheiro of the Monarchs

    "The sky's the limit" - Ticha Penicheiro of the Monarchs English, baby! Video Lesson

    Ticha Penicheiro is a thief. She will steal the basketball from you without thinking twice, sometimes 4 or ...

  • Phrasal Verbs

    Jay-Z & Kanye West

    Jay-Z & Kanye West

    Putting two talented people together always seems like a good idea. But it doesn’t work out every tim...

  • Second Conditional

    Civic Duty

    Civic Duty English, baby! Video Lesson

    Does your country hold open elections? Voting is something a lot of Americans take for granted. It’s ...

  • Count and Noncount Nouns



    Many people watch movies to escape from real life. They want to see something that they don’t normall...

  • Count and Noncount Nouns



    With texting, blogs and email, it seems like nobody uses snail mail anymore. Who needs it when you can take...

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  • Usage of ENOUGH

    Idioms and Slang

    Usage of ENOUGH

    Enough Enough is placed before the noun, to indicate the quantity required or necessary:“There is enough bread for lunch.”“She ha...

  • How to Learn New Vocabulary


    How to Learn New Vocabulary

     Which words should you learn? You will hear and read many new words. It will be difficult to remember all of them. Therefore, you will have t...

  • the  difference between (before long ) and  (long before)

    the difference between (before long ) and (long before)

    the  difference between (before long ) and  (long before) Both they mean (a long time ago) However, we need to  Complete the sente...

  • Adhesive Bandage (ok蹦)


    Adhesive Bandage (ok蹦)

    大家覺得切西瓜難不難啊~~@@ 是真的有點難o.o 如果不小心切到手了, 當下應該會想到ok蹦,但是ok蹦的英文是甚麼呢? ok蹦的英文是"adhesive bandage" (adhesive膠黏劑+bandage繃帶=ok蹦) ... 不過adhesive bandage的講法, 感覺念...

  • Reading: April fools.


    Reading: April fools.

    April Fools by Kelly Hashway If you’ve ever been pranked on April Fools’ Day, you may wonder how this tradition started. Well, you&r...

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