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drama queen

drama queen

Date: Jun 12 2003


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I was always a drama queen. I remember playing in the kitchen, trying to get my mom to think I was dead and call the police. When she didn’t, I would cry.”
- Amy Lee, singer from the band Evanescence, talking about her childhood.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

someone who wants attention; dramatic person

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

You can use “drama queen” to describe anyone who always wants attention, and does whatever s/he can to get it. For example, if your little sister yells and screams for your mom whenever you go into her bedroom, your sister is a “drama queen.” Or, if your mom makes a big deal every time you do some little thing wrong, you could say she’s a “drama queen.”
Being a “drama queen” isn’t a bad thing, but it does suggest immaturity. Many young people are “_drama queen_s,” but when they get older they relax and become more normal.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

””My girlfriend is driving me crazy. She’s such a drama queen. If I don’t call her every hour she totally freaks out.”“

””Calm down. Don’t be such a drama queen. Everything’s going to be OK. Even if you did fail the test, I’m sure you’ll still pass the class.”“

””My little brother is so funny. He’s only four years old and he’s already such a drama queen. He always wants to sing songs at dinner and if nobody wants to sing with him he starts screaming and crying.”“

””I can’t handle this anymore. You have to leave me alone. I’m 17 years old. I don’t need you to baby me all the time and be such a big drama queen every time I come home late.”“


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Drama queen – dramatic person, always becoming things more drastic or dramatic than they are…
by Fabiana (São Paulo, Brazil)
Drama queen” might be something to do with drama. it means someone like to imitate a role of drama. or says someone is a bit willful in real life, like to catch eyes, attract other’s attention. so called “drama queen.” example: My young nephew is a drama queen. he always likes to act as a soldier with a toy gun. he orders us hands up in front of his gun, then put us into the jail (actually it’s his room) as captives.
by Mary117 (DongGuan, China )
In this context means a person who does something exciting and impressive to create a special effect and attract people’s attention.
by Orlando Serna (Tampa Florida, United States)
I believe she wanted to mean she always had the skill of tricking people just like an actress can do.
by Alessandro (Guaratinguetá – SP, Brazil)
“Drama Queen” for me means a person who likes to cry on everything, asking for attention, maximizing the smallest problem, turning it into a tragedy, real or not. I guess that everybody knows someone like this. That old aunt, who is always talking about her deseases (even when they’re not deseases anymore, just habits)that’s a drama queen.
by Márcio (São Paulo, Brazil)
Amy Lee wanted to tell that she was such a drama nut when she was a kid that she always had a fancy that she was staging a drama even in real life.
by Sherry (ShenZhen, China)
I’d say drama queen means person who is often and well pretending and easily cheating others like a real actor in the play.
by Ji eun (Seoul, Korea)
i think this slang is mean: always create some unusual and exciting situation or set of events!!!
by mimosa (Hong Kong, China)
It means one is good at acting or pretending so well that one cannot for sure say whether it is acting or real.
by jaya (Sugarland, USA)
I guess she means she always liked to scare whatever it is.
by Antonio (Tianguá, Brazil)
i think “drama queen” means indulge acting, loves performing very much.
by ley (Qingdao, China)
She means “she is a person born to be playactor”. Anyway, I think “drama queen” means someone has from birth a particular quality or talent.
by Cui-zhi (Beijing, China)
The girl who likes performance as a versatile actress, and always likes play difference roles in real life.
by Lillian (Shanghai, China)
crazy about drama
by ki (Beijing, P.R.China)
people who’s really into playing drama
by Peco (China)
she is good in pretend.
by teal’c (Perak, Malaysia)
drama queen means: she is dramastic.
by DeSiDeRaTa (Elfaiha, Kuwait)
Drama queen is a person what perform very well.
by Ademir (Curitiba, Brazil)
it means a complaining child, that wants all of his wiches to be satisfied, i guess…
by santos (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
I think “drama qeen” means some one likes to play as an actress/actor in the drama. This makes someone else misunderstand as a reality.
by Khang (HCMC, Vietnam)
I think ‘drama queen’ means a person who likes drama very much and plays drama well.
by Tracy (Hong Kong, China)
I guess the meaning of “Drama Queen” is a person equipped with the acting skills very close and similar to that of a soap opera character.
by Chung-Sheu (Taipei, Taiwan)
I think it means a person who is good at acting.
by IVY (Malaysia)
I think it is about a person who imagin unreal situation and dream always
by armin (Tehran, Iran)
A drama queen is a woman who is excellent at playing dramatic roles.
by André (Sorocaba, Brazil)
my guess it means best drama actress.
by geni (Bloomington, U.S)
Expert in pretending to be hurt while she is not.
by Surya (Hillsboro, USA)
I think “drama queen” is the woman who loves to play a role in a drama and plays very well.
by Joyce (Hefei, China)
She was always playing some dramatic situations, acting as a professional.
by Gaby (São Paulo, Brasil)
it means the girl is naughty.
by jolly (Shenzhen, China)
Someone like to made unpracticle ideas.
by cloris (Foshan, China)
i guess the mean is: archly girl.
by anna (Nanjing, China)
I guess it is a bad dream.
by Rosane (Cruzeiro, Brasil)

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