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Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

Date: Mar 09 2007

Themes: Friend


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

There is an infinite number of ways to say hello to someone. Countries and cultures certainly have their own greeting customs, from handshakes (like in the picture) to hugs to kisses. But within each country and culture, there are countless variations, appropriate for different situations.

In the US, in a professional setting like meeting someone for a job interview or greeting a new co-worker, shaking hands is customary. Many people also shake hands in social situations. They shake hands when they are introduced for the first time or when they are saying hello to someone they don’t know that well. But in these same situations, some people just say hi and do not extend their hand.

For closer friendships and family relationships, greetings also vary. Stereotypically, American men are not as affectionate with other men. Even some fathers and sons will simply shake hands, even if they haven’t seen each other for a year. In other families, men hug or kiss each other on the cheek.

Did you see Hollywood director Martin Scorsese win the Academy Award? Many of the men around him hugged and kissed him to congratulate him.

Listen to Mason and Kevin talk about greetings.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  I don’t know about you…. I, I had dinner with my family this weekend…

Kevin:  OK.

Mason:  And, uh, they’re big on the kiss on the cheek. Like, it’s kind of a family thing for us.

Kevin:  I think it’s nice. I, I do it with many of my friends.

Mason:  Yeah?

Kevin:  Yeah.

Mason:  The kiss on the cheek?

Kevin:  Yeah. Definitely a hug. Definitely a hug. Often a kiss on the cheek.

Mason:  I, I used to be really huggy with my friends, like, my high school friends who I’d known for a long time. But, uh, the new friends, it seems inappropriate now somehow.

Kevin:  Huh. Why, why is that?

Mason:  Um, I don’t know, uh…

Kevin:  I mean, ‘cause you haven’t been friends as long? I mean…

Mason:  Maybe, yeah.

Kevin:  ‘Cause, ‘cause I feel like I have better friends here than I did in high school, with, with few except… I mean, you know, a few exceptions, but… I have some really great friends here.

Mason:  Yeah, I don’t know, um… and also, I mean, like, I don’t, I don’t like to do surface hugs, like, when I go for a hug. It’s… I want…

Kevin:  Bear hug.

Mason:  ... Full body contact, so, uh, I think that maybe scares people, maybe I’m weirding them out.

Kevin:  Not that kind of straight man, like, butt-out hug…

Mason:  The slap-and-hug? The angry war-like hug? No, I don’t…

Kevin:  That really does creep me out. I think, but I think a nice… I think a kiss on the cheek is appropriate.

Mason:  So, can we be hugging friends now?

Kevin:  We can. I mean, it depends on how we feel about it.

Mason:  Hey, you know… cool.

Kevin:  It’s all good with me.



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Mason and Kevin are both pretty affectionate with their friends.

Kevin always hugs his friends and often gives them a kiss on the cheek.

Mason hugs his older friends, but not his newer friends. If he does hug someone, he likes to give a real hug, not a superficial one.

How do you say hello to your friends and family?

Are men as affectionate as women in your country?



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Viet Nam

we often smile at each other, it's is usually way of saying hello to someone that you do not know very much, but you have to, just for politeness. For closer relationship, there is many way of greeting, we can hug, bounce with exciting or say hi, long time no see, then freely talk about what we want to share about yourself with the other.

03:31 AM Aug 27 2010 |

raj saini

raj saini



12:49 AM Apr 27 2010 |




here in Bahrain – as an arabian country – we usually shake hands and kiss each other on the cheek..

but for sure, women do this with women only ..

for me..i say hello using the same custom..even with my brothers ..

the worse think about this in arabian country is that we take so much time in saying hello to each other..because we say:


how are you?

how is your kids?


how are you?

what are you doing these days..

so..it might take at least 2 minutes..


glad to share this with you guys..

09:24 PM Feb 08 2010 |



I kiss & hug all of my family. For friends, I just hug hug after a very long time no see, try to avoid kissing because it conveys germs, cold & the flu.

10:23 AM Jun 06 2007 |

Josh K

Josh K



11:14 AM May 02 2007 |


Viet Nam

In my country people never kiss or hug other, we just smile and say hello.

08:14 PM Apr 27 2007 |




ı think that depends on culture to culture.and sometimes depends on person to person,becouse ıt is the way showing ur closeness.for example in my country,in the first seing you shake hands,but ıf u meet ur friend or someone u know well,you kiss them,both girls and boys.

08:22 AM Apr 27 2007 |




sorry,I don’t know!~

11:15 PM Apr 22 2007 |




well! i usually kiss girls & give a shake hand 2 boys! but i always kiss my family members! & hug my closefrds…

06:16 AM Apr 21 2007 |



i always hug&give akiss on the cheek but only with my close relatives&my male freinds.

06:06 AM Mar 19 2007 |




well.i tink is the good way to show how i feel.

12:07 AM Mar 18 2007 |



i hug my friends seldom,and never kiss them.whom i hug is my closer friends.i shake hand with my friends when we greet.in my country,men isn’t so affectionate as women

12:26 AM Mar 15 2007 |



We have different ways of greeting our pals… Me? It differs on the degree of closeness. ;-)

07:50 PM Mar 14 2007 |



it’s a good way for me to learn english.i think i should study everyday.

06:35 PM Mar 12 2007 |



It is a custom here, but it’s weird to be huggy with a new friend, and it’s weird a lot if a man’s new friend is another man.

11:34 AM Mar 12 2007 |


United Kingdom

humm i dont know wht is going on here can someone hint me on thatlol?

01:58 PM Mar 11 2007 |




well, i hug my friends and give also a kiss on the cheek to my female friends. huggs make happy! :D

10:58 AM Mar 11 2007 |


Viet Nam

So do I. Despite being affectionate with anyone, you can’t hug, especially in my country.

07:28 AM Mar 11 2007 |



ın my custom the girls aften kiss each other on the cheek and the boys usually shake hands

06:13 AM Mar 11 2007 |




in our culture we use hug only with someone who belongs to the family!!

06:22 AM Mar 10 2007 |

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