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nailing it

nailing it

Date: Aug 07 2003


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“This time was better than ever. It felt like we were really nailing it right from the start.”
- Chris Carrabba, singer for the band Dashboard Confessional, talking about recording the songs for his band’s new album.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

doing something right, doing it perfectly, doing it well, performing perfectly, being successful (can also mean solving a problem or discovering solution)

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

This expression is most often used in the past tense form, “nailed it.” People will often say things like “he nailed it” in reference to something that someone did in a perfect way. For example, if you’re watching the Olympics on TV and a diver does a dive very well, you could say that the diver “nailed the dive.” It’s also possible to use the expression in school. For example, if you just took a math test, and you think you did very well on it, you could tell your friends that you “nailed the test.”


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

””That history test was easy. I’m sure I nailed it.”“

””I think you’re nailing the problem right now by being nice to your sister. She’ll stop crying if you just act nice to her for a while.”“

””You really nailed it last night in the play. You’re acting was perfect. The audience loved you.”“

””Whitney Houston nailed the song. She sung it so beautifully. She has an amazing voice.”it means performing a task, job, or physical stunt or something else perfectly.”

“by yi (Nanjing, China)”

””nailing it” should means “we do it best”“

“by linfeng (Wuxi, China)”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

it means performing a task, job, or physical stunt or something else perfectly.
by yi (Nanjing, China)
nailing it” should means “we do it best”
by linfeng (Wuxi, China)
it means something get the best estate, or very perfect that never have
by Bella (Nanjing, China)
Did it pretty right and brilliant.
by Emily (Qinhuangdao, China)
I think nailing it means someone did something very well and is proud of it.
by yanny (Zhejiang, China)
i think it means that:very succeed and happy all the time when you are doing something
by lotus (Nanjing, China)
means do something right, and lead it on the way to success
by Jessica (Heshan, China)
They achieved success , their music hit the spot.
by Marilene (Florianópolis, Brazil)
nailing it means to become very good in doing something.
by Dana (Dubai, UAE)
I guess it means somewhat – enjoying time, or making fun of it.
by Kristina (Gyumri, Armenia)
nailing it’ means get to the right issue, do something exactly to the point.
by lucia (Hong Kong, China)
I guess it means trying one’s best to focus on something, or to get involed.
by Liang (Ottawa, Canada)
it means to create or to do something at right time and right place.
by KY (Taipei, Taiwan)
feeling very well, find the feeling
by huiping (Shanghai, China)
It means to strick, hit, catch something quickly and accurately.
by Sherry (ShenZhen, China)
moving in the right direction
by sachidananda (Bangalore, India)
It means “excellent and admirable and wonderful”
by yuxia (Xian, China)
I think “nailing it” meaning better, excellent.
by Puff (SZ, China)
by zhang (Beijing, China)
It means; to try hard to manage something.
by Beyhan (Istanbul, Turkey)
I think “nailing it” means “managing”.
by Tracy (Hong Kong, China)
means defeat or outwit (about an opponent)
by arash (Mashhad, Iran)
by eva
seize, grasp.
by paola (Lima, Peru)

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