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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Date: Jan 12 2010

Themes: Friend, How To

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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See you later. Farewell. ‘Til we meet again. Ciao. In every language, there is more than one way to say goodbye. There are formal and informal, warmer and colder, shorter and longer types of goodbyes. But the hardest goodbyes come when you have to say goodbye forever to someone you care about. Anyone who has ever moved away, lived abroad, or gone to school in a different city has probably experienced at least one of these sad farewells.

Mason recently had to say goodbye to a close friend of his. Listen to him tell Beren how he dealt with it.


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Mason:  I had a good friend move away recently, and I hate saying goodbye to friends when they’re gone for a long time.

Beren:  And why do you hate saying goodbye, just like the actual goodbye, like what do you say? Do you want it to be drawn out or quick and painless, or…

Mason:  Well, there’s kind of two kinds of goodbyes. There’s just like, “Hey, goodbye, I’ll see you sometime within a week or a month or whatever.” And then there’s the big send off, where it’s like I don’t know when the next time I’ll see you again…you know?

Beren:  That’s always hard because you need to make it special but you don’t want it to be too drawn out and not have it over with.

Mason:  Yeah. It’s mostly the big ones that I’m just terrible at.

Beren:  So did you guys have a farewell party?

Mason:  We did, we went out for drinks. But then that was awkward too because it was like all these other friends of this friend that I don’t know, so I didn’t get to feel like I had an intimate moment with this person to really like, you know…

Beren:  Say goodbye.

Mason:  Say what I wanted the way I wanted.


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Recently, one of Mason’s good friends moved away. There was a goodbye party for him, but Mason felt like he didn’t have a chance to say a special farewell. Mason hates saying goodbye because he never knows what to say or how to say it.

Some goodbyes are easier to say. It’s not hard to say “See you later” to someone whom you know you’ll see again soon. But when you or someone you love leaves town for good, the goodbye gets more painful and complicated.

There are different ways to handle those tough goodbyes. Some people like to slip away without making a big fuss, while others like a long, drawn-out farewell. Some throw big going away parties and others try to have private, one-on-one goodbyes with each person they care about.

Have you ever had to say a difficult goodbye? What is the best way to say goodbye?



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Michelle.. yip yip… horay!!! Laughing

11:11 PM Jan 11 2010 |




I just say bye.

And I wave my hand. Kind silly.

10:53 PM Jan 11 2010 |



Russian Federation

  • Saying goodbye is always sad and especially it's hard to say goodbye to your love or  any close people. But it's our life with its turns, difficulties, grieves and pleasures…Smile

10:24 PM Jan 11 2010 |




i've never heard "farewells" :D

10:09 PM Jan 11 2010 |




Im very easy to say good bye ..there's no matter ..n when we meet just say nice to see u again ..he he

06:41 PM Jan 11 2010 |




well, I never really like to say good bye, I prefer choose different words, like.. "see you later", because for me "good bye" is like when people separate each other and never meet again.


Gosh… Please never say "good bye" for me.. :P :P :P

06:33 PM Jan 11 2010 |




It is really sad to say good-bye. I'm going to study abroad from next month and I will really miss my friends, family and my lover. The saddest thing is that I cannot meet my lover for 2 years cuz he also moves next month for some reasons. I have to prepare mentally so as not to cry over. 

05:58 PM Jan 11 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


When u have to say Good bye and you know you will probably not see that person for a long time, It is very sad Cry

Some people say that saying good bye is more difficult for the person who is leaving because it is him or her the one who has to start a new life.

05:42 PM Jan 11 2010 |

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