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had better

had better

Date: Feb 04 2010

Topic: Grammar

Author: Ryo94t


Had  better ( I'd  better /   you had better               )

 I'd better  do something = it is  advisable to do it . If  I don’t , there  will be  a problem .

I Have  to meet  Ann  in ten  minutes .  I'd  better  go now or I will  be late.

Shall  I take  an   umbrella ? Yes, you had  better. It might rain.

We  had  better  stop for  petrol soon . The  tank is almost  empty .

The  negative  is   I'd  better  not = I had better not

Are  you going out tonight?

 I'd   better  not. I have got a lot of work to do.

You don’t  look very well . you had better  not go to work today.

You  can use had better  when you warn somebody that  they  must do something :

You  had better be on time.

You  had better  not  be late .

Note that;

The form is had better( usually  I'd  better/you  had better  etc. in spoken English ;  

 I'd  phone  carol, hadn’t  I ?

Had is a past form, but in this expression the meaning is  a  present  or future ,not past;-

 I'd   better  go to the bank now /tomorrow.

We say  I'd  better  do …………  (not to  do )

It might  rain. We  had better  take  an  umbrella .( not we  had better  to take)

Had better and should ::

Had better is  similar to should but  not exactly the same.

We use  had better  only for  a particular situation.(not for thing in general)

It’s  cold  today. You had better wear a coat when you go out.( particular situation)

All  drivers  should wear seat belts.(in general _ not had  better wear )

You can use  should in all types  of situation to give an opinion or give advice.

Also  ,  with  had better  there is always  a danger  or a problem if   don’t  fallow  advice.

Should only means  It’s  a good   thing to do. Compare:

It’s  a great film. You should go  and see it .(But  no danger no problem if u don’t)

the  film start at  8.30 .you had better  go now or you will be late .


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