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Grounded English, baby! Video Lesson

First Conditional

Date: Jun 07 2011

Themes: Family, Soap Opera

Grammar: First Conditional


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Discipline is one of hardest parts of parenting. You don’t want to be mean, but you have to make sure your kids follow the rules.

One way to punish children for misbehaving is by grounding them. A kid who is grounded has to stay at home and can’t leave the house. You can also ground kids from things. You can ground your kids from the computer or the car and not let them go online or drive for a while.

Ella adopted a kid recently, but she needs some advice from Dale about how to make him behave.

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Ella:  I don’t know what to do, Dale. I can’t handle it anymore.

Dale:  Do what?

Ella:  Table is out of control. He’s ruining my relationship. I just…I don’t know what to do with him. He breaks everything and he’s wild. I just don’t know how to control him.

Dale:  Have you grounded him yet?

Ella:  Grounded? What’s that? My parents never disciplined me so I don’t really know.

Dale:  Grounded is where you actually discipline your child by either putting them in their room or taking things away…Making them understand that they did something wrong so they learn in a process over time that if they do something bad, something bad will happen to them…in a kid-adult sort of way.

Ella:  Won’t he get mad at me if I ground him though?

Dale:  It’s a possibility, but they learn their lesson after a while, I believe. I think. I’ve heard it. I’ve read it in books. I heard you do timeouts. I mean, what’s his favorite toy?

Ella:  His bat.

Dale:  His bat. So if he does something bad, you take away the bat.

Ella:  I don’t know if that’s going to make him happy. He might hit me afterwards if I give it back. I’m trying to maintain a friendship level. Does that work in grounding? Can you still be friends after you ground someone?

Dale:  You could. That’s a hard one.

Ella:  I’ll give it a shot. I really have no other options at this point, so…

Dale:  OK.

Ella:  Ground him!

Dale:  Ground him!

Ella:  You’re grounded.

Table:  No.

Ella:  What? Go to your room!

Table:  No.


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Ella is having a hard time controlling her son, Table. He likes to run around and hit things with his bat.

Dale suggests she try grounding him. She could ground him from his bat and take it away for a while, or she could make him stay in his room.

Ella tries to tell Table that he’s grounded, but he shouts back, “No!” How can Ella make him behave?

Did your parents ever ground you when you were a kid?



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Viet Nam

I remember when I was a kid, I had a teacher who was very mean. She could slap you in your face if you don’t know how to solve the math problem which happened to myself once. One day I was so scared that I didn’t want to go to school and I pretended to be sick so my mom would allow me to stay home. However, My dad is different, he is very serious. He did test something and knew that I was not sick , so he told me either go to school that day or I would not be not allowed  to go to cinema with  my brothers and sisters on the weekend.

11:57 PM Jul 20 2014 |




nice word :grounded 画地为牢

03:51 PM Jul 23 2011 |




sometimes my mother grounded me. ‘No video-game or no soccer’ she would say

08:17 PM Jul 18 2011 |





04:25 AM Jul 07 2011 |



my parents did grounged me a lot when i was little,guess i was way too naughty and leave them no choice,haha.but most of the time they were just putting me in my room and not let me out

12:44 AM Jun 27 2011 |




Really i don’t know, but i think some time it’s good for kids to grounded them from street specially these days mostly the both their parents are working,and not most time these disciplined it’s very effectiveness.

11:26 AM Jun 12 2011 |

Omar alsaqqaf


hhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know why I’m laughing …but I think (grounded) sort of punishment tht children may slight it..and even consider it  funny…simply as I did in my childhood …....I guess we just need some respect  bitween the parents and their kids .to solve this dilemma..thats my opinion  O_o 

02:38 AM Jun 09 2011 |




No. I don’t ground. I’m a good kid. This lesson  I like Table, He’s very cute, playful. When He shouts back to Ella “No”  hahahaha  Really joke  I like.


11:36 PM Jun 08 2011 |




I always be grounded by my mom boz of my nauty,ha;0

But my childhood is really happy and colorful, everytime after the grounded, I went out again.I never saw a friend like me, so naughty so happy;0

And my mom grounded me by hitting me and don’t allow me to have food.Never mind, I can always find food from my uncle’s room;-0

08:06 PM Jun 08 2011 |



Viet Nam

I sometimes disciplines my bro for breaking basic rules or not obeying me by grounding him away television


08:46 AM Jun 08 2011 |




They didn’t need to, I never go out lol~

Seriously, Ella should give back the kid.

10:28 PM Jun 07 2011 |




In my house there are several rules that we have to follow and if anyone break the rule, he/she will get the punishment.



03:59 PM Jun 07 2011 |

abdu al-rhman


yeah when i was a kid my parents used to grounded me but they was hitting me  me..

02:38 PM Jun 07 2011 |






01:52 PM Jun 07 2011 |



Yes, i was grounded, my father doesn’t leave me watch TV for 1 week, everytime that I had a misbehaviour

01:46 PM Jun 07 2011 |




Yes!!! ahahahah. There was a day, I was fighting with my brother and my parents made me stay in a bathroom, my brother was made stay on other bathroom of the house during some hours… loooool

11:42 AM Jun 07 2011 |



Kids can be so stressful, I’m glad that I don’t have to handle this.

But the mom is really cute. ;)

09:56 AM Jun 07 2011 |




I think kids usually out of control, it’s very hard to keep them quiet.


09:40 AM Jun 07 2011 |




Discipline, Absolutely we must have…..Innocent

08:38 AM Jun 07 2011 |



I think it’s okay that parents grounded their children because is the way that they can understand when they done something wrong.

08:21 AM Jun 07 2011 |

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