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Fitness English with Fabio

Fitness English with Fabio English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jun 26 2012

Themes: Celebrity, Health

Grammar: First Conditional


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Few people ever embody perfection like Fabio. His muscles, handsome face and long hair reflect the fantasy of many women, and his appearances on television and in movies ensure that every American and many people around the world know who he is, no last name required. (It’s Lanzoni if you were wondering.)

Fabio became famous by posing on the covers of romance novels. He even wrote a few of his own. These days, he has his own line of nutritional products. He didn’t get to be so buff and good looking just by luck. He eats well, stays fit, and takes care of himself. Now he helps others do the same.

We recently met Fabio when he was signing autographs and taking photos with fans while touring Whole Foods stores in the US. He was happy to help us teach some health and body building slang, and tell us about how he learned English.

很少有人像法比奥 (Fabio) 那样体现完美。他的肌肉、英俊的面孔和长发,反应了许多女性对男人的完美幻想,他在电视和电影中的表演确保每个美国人无需知道他的姓氏便知道他是谁。(如果你想知道,他的姓氏是兰佐尼 (Lanzoni)。)
我们最近看到法比奥在美国全有食品 (Whole Foods) 商店旅游时,为粉丝签名并合影留念。他十分高兴地告诉了我们一些健康和健身的俚语,并向我们讲述了他学习英语的方法。

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Fabio:  Hi, this is Fabio, and this is English, baby!

Jason:  Fabio recently toured Whole Foods stores in the US to promote his new protein product.

Fabio:  It’s the highest quality whey protein today in America.

Jason:  We asked him to teach an English lesson about fitness. What does it mean to be fit? What does that term mean?

Fabio:  Fit is like to be in shape. It’s very simple. Unfortunately, God gives you only one body. The body you’re born with is the body you’re going to die with, and when you really take care of your body, your body will take care of you. It’s almost like a car, if you put the best gasoline in your car and you do the oil change, your car pretty much is not going to leave you in the middle of the street. The same with your body. If you really take care with good food, healthy food, and great supplements, high quality supplements, it’s amazing. You really don’t need to be a scientist to understand your body. When you give the highest quality protein to your body, every single cell reproduces better and faster. It doesn’t matter if it’s your hair, your skin, your muscle density, your bones, your organs, your tendons, your nails, everything regenerates because of protein. Those are the building blocks.

Jason:  You’re a little bit more than fit. One might say that you’re buff or built. Could you tell us what those terms mean?

Fabio:  Normally when you have bigger muscles than average, you’re buff. Simple as that.

Jason:  You learned English as a second language. Can you tell me about how you learned English?

Fabio:  Just living in the United States. Just talking to people and doing business.

Jason:  Was it ever hard?

Fabio:  In the beginning. Because normally what you do is you think in your own native language, so it’s very hard. You have to think and try to translate. That’s why sometimes you hear many people, you can see they’re thinking and they try to translate. First they formulate a sentence and after try to translate from their language to the other language and it doesn’t make sense. You have totally to flip, to switch the way of thinking to be able to speak another language.

Jason:  Definitely. That’s good advice. Thanks, Fabio!

Fabio:  English, baby!


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Fabio is very famous for being strong and good looking. Anyone can be fit if you exercise and eat healthy food, but Fabio isn’t just in shape. He’s buff. He has big muscles.

For many years, Fabio has appeared on the covers of books and on TV. Now he has a line of whey protein. He says supplements are a good way to take care of your body. He looks like he knows what he’s talking about.

Fabio is from Italy. He says he learned English when he got to the US, and the hardest part was training himself to think in English.
How do you stay in shape? Do you think in English?

Learn more about Fabio and his protein on our blog.



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 Falling in love helps to stay in shape :)  You just stop eating and that helps a lot :) Ohterwise, gotta do different activities, like ballet, like yoga, like walking, like swimming, like… like… and it works, if it’s consistent. Otherwise, a waste of time. I think the most  important thing of staying in shape as well is your lifestyle from childhood. If you took strenuous activities three times a week, you’ve built up some muscles “forever” unless you totally negletfull with the years passing by. But it works. It’s like, you’re programmed for the whole life to stay in a good shape. I’ve known people who have never taken exercises being as kids and now they passionately are into building muscles and it’s not that easy for them. And those who don’t do literally anything- no running, no swimming, no-no-no… and are in a good shape. Because they were seriously into sport in their childhood. Three times a week of a hard work out and it’s within 7 or 8 years.

But still anything will do. I want to take a skipping rope class. It’s cool. It’s not just jumping up and down, like Tom Cruise on a couch :)) It involves different jumping tricks. You can walk along the street and jump with all those tricky movements. I’ve seen people doing it with such and easy lightness. When I tried, I got tangled in a skipping rope and was out of breath. Some jumps are so difficult to make. And it’s very popular now. Wanna jump on the bandwagon? :)) Let’s go! It takes heart :)))  

jolefrancaisSuper Member!


unfortunatly not i used to go running five a week but now as the time flies i ‘m getting older  and  it seems that become harder than before to stay in a good shape. Thinking in english is very difficult when you don’t live in the country which one you learn the language perhaps later when you become fluent.

03:03 AM Jun 25 2012 |

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