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Ebaby! TVEnglish, baby! Video Lesson

To make our English lessons more fun, English, baby! brings you Ebaby! TV! Now you have direct access to our free video English lessons and all of our special features. Watching videos makes learning more fun and makes it easier to practice English!

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Ebaby! Soap Opera

What happens next? Tune in and find out for yourself!

  • In the Dark

    In the Dark English, baby! Video Lesson

    Brian and Marni are walking down the street, talking about Marni returning to school. Marni is surprised to see her new friend Kellie, and she intr...

  • New Lease on Life

    New Lease on Life English, baby! Video Lesson

    Marni has heard some surprising news. Her boss is selling the company she works for, so Marni's job is ending. Jessica and Brian believe that this ...

  • Mind One's Own Business

    Mind One's Own Business English, baby! Video Lesson

    Brian is unsure what he should do. He saw another student looking at notes during their exam, and he knows that's not OK. Brian believes that someo...

  • Too Little, Too Late

    Too Little, Too Late English, baby! Video Lesson

    Gary, Joun Kim, and Jessica enter the office, only to learn that Oscar has made a big mess. The food that Brian told his friends to leave for the g...

  • Put Our Heads Together

    Put Our Heads Together English, baby! Video Lesson

    Brian believes that he knows how to stop Oscar from making trouble. He wants to leave food for Oscar... nuts, fruit, and beans... and he also wants...

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English, baby! EXTREME

  • hair of the dog

    hair of the dog English, baby! Video Lesson

    Language is full of interesting bits of history. Sometime in the past, it was thought that if you got sick from a dog bite, you could be cured by *...

  • ace a test

    ace a test English, baby! Video Lesson

    An ace is someone who is very good at something. An ace pilot can fly any plane in any condition. An ace salesman can sell anything to anyone.

  • tie the knot

    tie the knot English, baby! Video Lesson

    When you get married, you tie yourself to another person. Like two pieces of rope tied together, you are connected. That's why when someone gets ma...

  • teacher's pet

    teacher's pet English, baby! Video Lesson

    Students always want their teachers to like them. But some go too far, and those are called *teacher's pets*.
    The *teacher's pet* wants to b...

  • takes the cake

    takes the cake English, baby! Video Lesson

    What could be more fun than a dance competition? Winning a cake in a dance competition! That would *take the cake*.
    Back in the 1800s in the...

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