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Comparatives and Superlatives

Comparatives and superlatives help us compare people, places, or things.

There are two ways to form comparatives. For most long adjectives, which have three or more syllables, we use more to form a comparative phrase with than. For example, "Sarah is more beautiful than Martha." With short adjectives, which have only one or two syllables, we add -er to the end of the word, as in, "Jacob is smarter than Ed." For short adjectives ending in y, like "happy," we drop the "y" and add -ier, as in, "Lucy is happier than Rob. She got the promotion at work and he didn't."

Similarly, we form superlatives with the most or the best, or by adding -est, depending on the length of the adjective. With long adjectives we say, "He is the most intelligent person I've ever met." With short adjectives we say, "Johnny is the fastest runner on the team." For short adjectives ending in y, we drop the "y" and add -iest, as in, "She is the prettiest girl in the world."

Comparatives and Superlatives Grammar Quiz

  1. Bachelor parties are than any other types of parties.

  2. Cities are than the countryside.

  3. She is person I know.

  4. Slobs are people to be around.

  5. My friends are always when they watch basketball games.

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Comparative: Venezuela Has all the better than other countries. 

Superlative: Venezuela has the bests scenery in the world. 

12:38 PM Jun 20 2015 |



superlativo: Venezuelahast the best beaches

comparativa:Venezuela’s weathar is better than Haiti’s

02:48 PM Jun 19 2015 |



Comparative: Venezuela has the most beautiful places than elsewhere

Superlatives: Venezuela has the best food in Latin America

06:53 PM Jun 18 2015 |

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Venezuela is more beautiful than Jamaica 

venezuela it´s better than cuba 

06:53 PM Jun 18 2015 |

1 person likes this



Comparative: Venezuela has more tropical landscapes than Canada.

Superlatives: Venezuela has the best countryside I know.

03:28 PM Jun 16 2015 |

1 person likes this



Comparative: venezuela has more beaches than bolivia. 

superlative : Venezuela has the largest waterfall in the world.

08:43 AM Jun 16 2015 |



Comparative: Venezuela’s culture is more beautiful than Bolivia’s. 

Superlative: Venezuela has the prettiest beaches in Latin America. 

07:04 PM Jun 15 2015 |



Comparatives: Venezuela it is hotter than in Chile

Superlative: Venezuela’s chocolate is the most delicious in all Latin American

12:30 PM Jun 14 2015 |

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Venezuela has the most beautiful  beaches in the world.

02:00 PM Jun 13 2015 |

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venezuela  have more population than cuba

01:58 PM Jun 13 2015 |

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