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Conditionals with "Unless"

The word unless basically means the same thing as if ... not. For example, "Unless you study, you will fail" means the same thing as "If you do not study, you will fail."

Unless is often used in conditional sentences. It can be used with the first, second, or third conditional. Here are some examples.

First Conditional: "You'll be unhappy unless you break up with her" = "You'll be unhappy if you do not break up with her."

Second Conditional: "I wouldn't ask her out unless you told me it was OK" = "I wouldn't ask her out if you told me it was not OK."

Third Conditional: "They wouldn't have come over unless we'd invited them" = "They wouldn't have come over if we had not invited them."

Conditionals with "Unless" Grammar Quiz

  1. Elephants attack people unless they are protecting their young.

  2. Unless you're going to be running a lot of programs simultaneously, an expensive computer necessary.

  3. Unless you to stop to eat, can we keep driving?

  4. Unless those crickets don't stop chirping, I'm crazy.

  5. I would have raised my hand, if I the answer.

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you wont’ have degree unless you not prepare for it.

i m not become healthy unless i left smoking.

we won’t get a job unless any source help us.

07:05 AM Apr 12 2015 |


sasagagaSuper Member!


You will not go for vacation unless you save money

05:08 PM Mar 11 2015 |



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i would have married her unless our family had opposed.

03:08 AM Jan 12 2014 |

Youky Yeung


You will get nothing unless you work hard

01:47 AM Nov 22 2013 |



you will not leave from home , unless you have completed this work.

10:46 PM Jul 21 2013 |

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i will not let her go unless she becomes my friend:-)

12:01 AM Jul 19 2013 |



United States

i will never give up to improve my englsih,unless i am not interested in englsih at all

08:21 PM Jun 25 2013 |