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Future Progressive Tense

The future progressive tense is used to talk about something that is definitely happening in the future. It is formed with will be + main verb + ing, as in, "I will be staying with my parents over the summer." This form doesn't change regardless of the subject. It is the same for I, you, he, she, it, we, and they. For instance, you can say, "He will be staying with his parents over the summer," or, "We will be staying with our parents over the summer."

The negative form of this tense is won't be + main verb + ing, as in, "She won't be coming tonight." You can form a question like this: "Will she be coming tonight?" or "Will they be staying with their parents over the summer?"

Often the future progressive can be used in the same way as simple future tense. You can say, "When will you be leaving for Paris?" or "When will you leave for Paris?" Both of these sentences are correct.

Future Progressive Tense Grammar Quiz

  1. Tonight I will roast pork with rosemary and garlic garnish, sweet potatoes and Chocolate Guinness cake.

  2. Will we from you in the near future regarding your late bills?

  3. Won't you be us at the pub tonight?

  4. This time next week be couch surfing at my place while she looks for a job and a place to live.

  5. The publisher the final draft of your novel until next month so you have time to crank it out.

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