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Gerunds vs. Infinitives

Gerunds and infinitives are both verbal forms that act as nouns. Gerunds end in -ing, such as swimming, walking, or laughing. Infinitives are the basic verb form with the particle to, as in to swim, to walk, or to laugh.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know whether it's best to use a gerund or an infinitive in a sentence. Here are a few rules:

Both gerunds and infinitives can follow a verb, as in, "I don’t like losing," or, "I don’t like to lose." They can also both be the subject of a sentence, as in, "Catching a chicken is difficult," or, "To catch a chicken is difficult."

But only gerunds follow prepositions. For example, it’s correct to say, "I can’t leave a painting without finishing it," but it’s not correct to say, "I can’t leave a painting without to finish it."

Gerunds vs. Infinitives Grammar Quiz

  1. I cannot collect Easter eggs without them.

  2. movies is very expensive.

  3. Actors don't like time while they are on the set.

  4. into a good school can be difficult and expensive.

  5. My friend Charles doesn't like eating meat; he thinks animals deserve .

  6. I stopped a cigarette.

  7. Working the onion fields left him of onion juice.

  8. Are we talking about basketball on Saturday?

  9. She thought about moving, however she doesn't like in big cities.

  10. Michelle considered for more time to finish her book.

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