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Present Perfect Tense

The present perfect tense is formed with have/has + a past participle. There are several situations in which we use this tense:

To talk about something that was true in the past, and is still true in the present, as in, "I have been married for five years."

To talk about something that happened at an unspecified time in the past, as in, "Becky has visited China several times already."

To talk about something that happened during a period of time that has not yet ended, as in, "I have gone to three parties so far this month."

When used with "just," to talk about something that happened very recently, as in, "My mother has just arrived."

To ask someone if they have gone somewhere and returned, or if they have done something, as in, "Have you been to the new restaurant?" In this case, it is formed with have/has + subject + a past participle.

When you see words like for, since, ever, already, and so far in a sentence, it often means that you need to use the present perfect tense.

Present Perfect Tense Grammar Quiz

  1. So far been robbed twice in the city this month.

  2. We have Canada several times already.

  3. Nobody has ever Mt. Everest in swimwear.

  4. Doctors created a vaccine for swine flu.

  5. Have you to Mexico in the past year?

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I have visited NYC tuice last year! 

06:29 PM May 01 2015 |



i have been enrolled in university about 2 years

he has been engaged since last year.

02:14 PM Apr 20 2015 |


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i have already learnt about the present perfect but i forgot the situation in where we use it.so it was a good remember.


11:40 PM Feb 10 2015 |



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I am enjoying reading the english grammar. There were some new things that I learned today.

08:53 AM Jun 26 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have been studying for 4 hours today ..i have an exam tomorrow.

actually i have been studying since last thursday.

08:28 AM Jun 24 2014 |

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i have been working for 24 days

it has not been possible studying in an english institution

dandy has barked several times already

i have bought food at the restaurant 10 times this month

i’ve just arrived

have you been in russia?

has she ever been in the paradise?

08:17 AM Jun 24 2014 |



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08:02 AM May 14 2014 |



It’s very helpful.Thanks

03:06 AM May 14 2014 |