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Simple Future Tense

We use the simple future tense to talk about things that will happen at a time later than now.

Using be going to is one way to form the simple future tense, as in, "I am going to watch a movie tonight." Another way to form the simple future tense is with will, as in, "I will see you soon."

In some situations, like when you're making a prediction about the future, you can use either be going to or will. But to talk about something that's already planned or decided, it's best to use be going to, as in, "I'm going to watch a movie later. Want to watch it with me?"

Simple Future Tense Grammar Quiz

  1. If I'm elected president I sure everyone has health insurance.

  2. Will you me when you arrive?

  3. Maybe we'll in this evening and watch a movie.

  4. My boss isn't have lunch with me.

  5. The museum show the photography of Richard Avedon next week.

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nasrin jojo

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I will go to my office tomorrow
I am going to get marry this year
I will eat delicious spagetti that my sister is cooking

08:14 AM May 16 2015 |


United States

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04:39 AM Mar 19 2015 |




I’m going to the beach later.

04:39 AM Nov 11 2014 |


Russian Federation


08:33 AM Nov 06 2014 |



 I  will call you later.

I am going to school tomorrow

08:12 AM Sep 15 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i am going to watch the BEKAS  film

10:33 AM Apr 23 2014 |



i am going to prictise my  oral english all day long for seeking a good job when i graduate in june 2014.

03:37 AM Feb 26 2014 |




I will sleep tonight

I am going to Hongkong on April 2014. Yippie..

Are you going to the cinema next week?

You will not buy some candy if you toothache 

06:51 AM Jan 06 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I forcast it’s going to rain tonight.

07:18 AM Nov 15 2013 |



I will find special thing here

08:40 AM Jul 28 2013 |