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Simple Present Tense

We use the simple present tense to talk about regular or habitual actions.

For most verbs in the simple present tense, you must add an "s" to the end of the verb for he/she/it, as in, "Devan hates the holidays." However, for some verbs, you have to add -es for he/she/it, as in, "She watches a lot of TV," or, "He misses his mom."

So, how do you know when -es is necessary? One rule to remember is that any verb ending in -ch, -sh or -ss needs to end with -es, not s, for he/she/it.

For the other pronouns, I/you/we/they, regular verbs simply take the basic verb form. For example, "I play basketball," or, "We love watching movies."

And remember, you can use "always" in front of a simple present verb to indicate that something happens all the time.

Simple Present Tense Grammar Quiz

  1. My dog the treats in your pocket.

  2. She in late on the weekend.

  3. He his old job at the warehouse.

  4. The boy the dishes after dinner.

  5. I always basketball at the park when it's nice outside.

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pretty interesting, now i get to know that where to use -es and s with verbs


she looks good

he takes his lunch.

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It’s The Best Way To learning Grammar…

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I play handball

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