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  • CDs Tomorrow Go Super!


  • McFarland, USA

    Movies - Friday

    McFarland, USA

    It’s not an unusual plot. A teacher comes into a school whose students are fighting adversity. The te...

  • break the mold

    Slang - Thursday

    break the mold

  • Anticipation

    Real Life - Wednesday


    When you were a kid, did you ever get so excited the night before your birthday or a holiday that you were ...

  • Roll Out the Red Carpet

    Eavesdropping - Tuesday

    Roll Out the Red Carpet English, baby! Video Lesson

    When someone special comes to visit, it’s important to give them the very best. The house should be c...

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What does "flashy" mean?

  • present a challenge
  • bright and colorful; very noticeable; standing out
  • area where people walk, area designed to allow many people to walk

Practice: flashy

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  • Hobbies


    Real Life - Friday


    There’s something amazing about planting seeds and watching them grow. And something even more amazin...

  • Romance

    Give the Cold Shoulder

    Eavesdropping - Thursday

    Give the Cold Shoulder English, baby! Video Lesson

    When someone is paying attention to you, you get a nice, warm feeling. It might even feel as if that person...

  • Friend


    Real Life - Wednesday


    Fight, fight, fight! It’s a classic scene in the school yard. A couple boys have started circling aro...

  • Work

    Working Long Hours

    Real Life - Tuesday

    Working Long Hours

    It’s one thing to be a hard worker and always get your work done. It’s another thing to burn th...

  • Music

    New Kids on the Block

    Music - Monday

    New Kids on the Block

    The formula to make a boy band is simple. You need young men who can sing and dance and who are both cool a...

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  • Imperative Form

    Road Trips

    Road Trips

    Jumping into a car and driving away down the open road is a dream straight out of Hollywood. Who knows wher...

  • Present Perfect Progressive

    Getting a Promotion

    Getting a Promotion

    As kids, people used to tell us we were doing a good job all the time. When you did well at school, you got...

  • Zero Conditional



    Basketball superstar LeBron James recently said that he takes a nap every day. And if he does it, shouldn&#...

  • Used to Do vs Be Used to



    The US is a big country. And depending on what part of the country you visit, you might hear people speakin...

  • Count and Noncount Nouns



    Following the success of films like Hellboy and The Dark Knight, Watchmen is the latest comic book to be ad...

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  • Who's or Whose (Grammar)


    Who's or Whose (Grammar)

    The correct answer is "3." "Who's" is short for "Who is.""Whose" is used to describe items that belong to someone.According to the questio...

  • What's a Decade?

    What's a Decade?

    A "decade" is a period of 10 years (in the same way that a "century" is a period of 100 years). There are other words that star...

  • The 4 Language Skills

    The 4 Language Skills

    When we learn a language, there are four skills that we need for complete communication. When we learn our native language, we usually learn to lis...

  • how much some one could bee puzzled

    Idioms and Slang

    how much some one could bee puzzled

    when some one wants to explain about the knoWledge of someone about somthing that is too little would use this: "(someone) + dont(doesnt) know , a...

  • Irregular Verbs Part II


    Irregular Verbs Part II

      InfinitiveSimple PastPast ParticiplePpartakepartookpartakenpaypaidpaidpleadpleaded / pledpleaded / pledprebuildprebuiltprebuiltpredopredidpr...

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    Vocabulary Word: my-thing
  • ola33 ola33Super Member! and 5 other people commented on the vocab my thing
    Vocabulary Word: my-thing
  • Sojin Sojin and 9 other people commented on the lesson McFarland, USA
    McFarland, USA

    It's not an unusual plot. A teacher comes into a sch...

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    Vocabulary Word: washed-up
  • lonely85 lonely85 and 175 other people correctly answered the "my thing" quiz

    What does "my thing" mean?

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    What does "couple" mean?

  • a2020 a2020 and 32 other people like the lesson Cash or Card?
    Cash or Card?

    It's a tempting thought: "I'll just charge it." You ...

  • a2020 a2020 and 49 other people commented on the lesson Cash or Card?
    Cash or Card?

    It's a tempting thought: "I'll just charge it." You ...

  • rahdhgk and 2 other people commented on the vocab rebound
    Vocabulary Word: rebound
  • dayu1 dayu1 and 236 other people correctly answered the "let go" quiz

    What does "let go" mean?

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