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  • Contentment Tomorrow Go Super!
  • Unicycles

    Real Life - Friday


    Do you have good balance? What about your coordination? It takes both to ride a unicycle. If you’re w...

  • pull one's weight

    Slang - Thursday

    pull one's weight

  • Commuting

    Real Life - Wednesday


    No one likes sitting in traffic, waiting to move little by little on a long highway. But millions of people...

  • Take a Leave of Absence

    Eavesdropping - Tuesday

    Take a Leave of Absence English, baby! Video Lesson

    A person’s job is a funny thing. It’s vitally important, because having a job allows us to buy ...

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back in the day

What does "back in the day" mean?

  • new license
  • some time ago; a while back
  • a wealthy area in Los Angeles

Practice: back in the day

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  • Hobbies

    Sincerely Yours

    Real Life - Friday

    Sincerely Yours

    When is the last time you sat down and wrote a letter by hand? If it’s been a while, you should try i...

  • Work

    Slack Off

    Eavesdropping - Thursday

    Slack Off English, baby! Video Lesson

    During the work day, everyone has to take breaks. Breaks help refresh you and keep you efficient. But for s...

  • Romance

    Double Date

    Real Life - Wednesday

    Double Date

    Finding time for your friends when you’re in a relationship isn’t always easy. So it’s gr...

  • Friend

    Above Board

    Eavesdropping - Tuesday

    Above Board English, baby! Video Lesson

    When playing a game of cards, it’s important to feel that everyone is being honest. If you’re p...

  • Music

    Gnarls Barkley

    Music - Monday

    Gnarls Barkley

    You’ve probably heard the song “Crazy.” It’s not just on the radio, it’s ever...

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  • Adjectives

    Restaurant Music

    Restaurant Music

    Eating at a restaurant is about more than just the food. The atmosphere, service, and presentation all cont...

  • Past Progressive Tense



    Most people agree that education is important. But often, that’s where the agreement ends. How kids s...

  • Definite & Indefinite Articles

    Owl City

    Owl City

    In music, there is a fine line between being influenced by another band, and ripping that band off. And a l...

  • Used to Do vs Be Used to

    Lana Del Rey

    Lana Del Rey

    The internet has made it easier than ever for wannabe celebrities to get their 15 minutes of fame. But what...

  • Be Able to



    Most summer blockbusters are action-packed and fun to watch. But it’s unusual to find one that is als...

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  • The 4 Language Skills

    The 4 Language Skills

    When we learn a language, there are four skills that we need for complete communication. When we learn our native language, we usually learn to lis...

  • Irregular verbs


    Irregular verbs

    All new verbs in English are regular. I photocopied the report. She faxed it to me. They emailed everybody about it. I googled my name and go...

  • What's a Decade?

    What's a Decade?

    A "decade" is a period of 10 years (in the same way that a "century" is a period of 100 years). There are other words that star...

  • Irregular Verbs Part II


    Irregular Verbs Part II

      InfinitiveSimple PastPast ParticiplePpartakepartookpartakenpaypaidpaidpleadpleaded / pledpleaded / pledprebuildprebuiltprebuiltpredopredidpr...

  • Who's or Whose (Grammar)


    Who's or Whose (Grammar)

    The correct answer is "3." "Who's" is short for "Who is.""Whose" is used to describe items that belong to someone.According to the questio...

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    What does "buzz" mean?

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    Vocabulary Word: chat-room
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    What does "over the top" mean?

  • kmet kmet and 4 other people commented on the lesson Unicycles

    Do you have good balance? What about your coordinati...

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    Do you have good balance? What about your coordinati...

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    What does "rare" mean?

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    No one likes sitting in traffic, waiting to move lit...

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    What does "debates" mean?

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    What does "make a living" mean?

  • seagull2010 and 11 other people like the lesson Commuting

    No one likes sitting in traffic, waiting to move lit...

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