come for

"come for"

Jun 29 2017


“You can’t mistake kindness for weakness, and don’t come for me.”

—Singer Katy Perry, speaking about her new album (Cosmopolitan)


act aggressively toward someone; insult someone


Have you ever been in a fight? Most people don’t actually like fighting, but sometimes, it can be difficult to control one’s temper. For example, imagine that someone walks into you and spills coffee all over your new clothes. How would you react in this situation? Would you shrug it off and accept the person’s apology? Or would you try to come for them?

If you come for someone, you act aggressively or insultingly towards them, usually because you are angry about something they said or did. For example, your friend might come for you if you were talking about her behind her back or if you shared some of her secrets. Some people even come for other people just to start a fight or create drama. If someone is acting aggressively toward you, you can let them know that you don’t like it by saying, “Don’t come for me!”

Singer Katy Perry is working on her new album. She wants to remind everyone that, even though she seems nice, she is a strong woman, and no one should come for her.

Do you ever fight with your friends?


“Don’t come for me! I was only trying to help you.”

“Watch out. If you come for me, I’ll fight you!”

“Don’t come for her. It’s not her fault.”

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