Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts

Dec 18 2017


You are working in your office. You begin moving some papers around. Before you know it, your finger is bleeding and in pain. Whoa! What happened? You apparently gave yourself a paper cut. Getting a paper cut sucks. They are very small, but they can change your whole day.

With a paper cut on your finger, it is more difficult to type. And it hurts to hold things. Other injuries can be way worse, but a little paper cut is still no fun. And for some people, even a small cut like this might be enough to make them pass out or just feel sick.

Kelsey has an irrational fear of paper cuts, and Jordin just got a really crazy paper cut. Find out what happened in today’s English lesson.


Jordin: Ouch!
Kelsey: What’s wrong? Jordin, are you OK?!
Jordin: Um… I don’t know. I just, like, got a paper cut on my eye.
Kelsey: Whoa! Really?!
Jordin: Yeah, I was moving my papers around, and I accidentally wacked myself with the edge in the eye. And it hurts so bad!
Kelsey: No, I’m so sorry! That’s actually one of my… I thought it was an irrational fear, but apparently not because it just happened to you….
Jordin: No, it’s a super real fear! It’s, like, way worse than getting a paper cut on your finger. I’ve had that before, and that sucks. But this is, like, really painful!
Kelsey: Yeah, I know. I got a paper cut today on my finger, and I can’t… I just can’t even imagine getting one in the eye. I think I would just, like, immediately pass out or, like, throw up.
Jordin: I don’t think I need to go to the hospital, but I think I might just need to lay down in a dark room for a while.
Kelsey: OK. OK. That’s fine.
Jordin: OK. Could you bring me some tea, please?
Kelsey: Sure.
Jordin: And, maybe, also a sandwich?
Kelsey: OK.
Jordin: Yeah, because it’s really hurting!
Kelsey: OK. Tea and a sandwich will definitely fix it.
Jordin: Thanks.
Kelsey: You’re welcome.
Jordin: OK.


Jordin has hurt herself! Kelsey asks what happened, and Jordin tells her that she wacked herself with her papers. Now, she has a paper cut… on her eye! Kelsey is surprised. She thought she had an irrational fear about paper cuts in strange places, but now that Jordin has cut her eye, Kelsey knows it’s apparently a rational fear.

Jordin tells Kelsey that her eye is in a lot of pain. It’s way worse than other paper cuts. Kelsey thinks it’s horrible! She would probably faint or puke if she had a paper cut on her eye. Jordin is going to rest, but she asks Kelsey to bring her some tea… and a sandwich. Kelsey isn’t sure this will help make Jordin’s eye feel better, but she wants to help her friend.

Do you get paper cuts often? Where is the weirdest place you’ve had a paper cut?

Grammar Point


Jordin is telling Kelsey how she hurt herself. She says, “I just, like, got a paper cut on my eye.” She uses a preposition.

Prepositions are words that locate something in time and space. They tell us where something is in relation to the things around it. Here are some examples:

“The bird is singing in the tree.”

“She walked through the door at 6:00.”

“I climbed over the wall.”

“We are sitting between our brothers.”

Jordin uses the preposition on. It is very easy to confuse this preposition with the preposition in. They are very similar! On typically describes when one thing is on top of or on the surface of another. In typically describes when one thing is within or inside of another. However, there are many different ways to use these two prepositions in English. Listen to native English speakers to memorize all of the different ways to use on and in.

Which is correct, “I will meet you on the club,” or “I will meet you in the club”?


  1. Where did Jordin get a paper cut?

  2. Jordin doesn’t think she needs __.

  3. An irrational fear is a fear that __.

  4. Which of these is NOT a preposition?

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