blown away

"blown away"

Jun 18 2018


“My friend showed up at my door with two big pizzas and my favorite ice cream, rocky road. That was super nice of her! I was blown away.”

—Ebaby!’s Dominique, speaking about a wonderful surprise


very impressed; amazed


Yesterday was not a good day for Dominique! But later in the day, her friend gave her a very happy surprise. Dominique felt amazed and special. She was blown away. Her friend was so nice to her that her day didn’t feel bad anymore.

Many things can blow us away. This feeling of amazement can happen when someone does something nice for us. Or we might feel blown away when we see something amazing. When was the last time that you were blown away? What happened?

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“I was blown away when I heard that my brother is getting married.”

“The new X-Men movie blew me away. It was so good.”

“I think this song is going to blow you away.”

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