Mar 22 2018


“I know. I’m peaking. After this, it’s going to be a steady downhill.”

—Olympic snowboarder Red Gerard, joking about winning a gold medal at the age of 17 (Jimmy Kimmel Live)


reach a high place; have the best experience


What is the best time in a person’s life? For each person, this is probably a different time. For some people, success happens early. They enjoy many things while they’re young and relax more when they are older. For other people, success comes later in life. These people might not care about success when they are young, but later, they work hard and do well. In other words, different people peak at different times.

To peak is to reach the highest place. This might be the top of a mountain, or it could be the best part of your life. When someone is very successful, we often say they are peaking. Red Gerard is a 17-year-old snowboarder. In the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, Red won a gold medal in Men’s Slopestyle Snowboarding. He was the youngest gold-medal winner ever in this sport. In his opinion, this might be the greatest thing he ever does in his life.

Have you peaked, yet? What represents success to you?


“Most people’s lives peak when they are in their 30s.”

“You don’t want to peak too soon, or you won’t have anything to look forward to.”

“Mary is successful and happy. She’s peaking right now.”

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