RIP Hugh Hefner

RIP Hugh Hefner

Nov 17 2017


Hugh Hefner, the tough businessman and founder of Playboy Magazine, recently croaked. He was 91 years old. According to some news sources, he passed on due to inhaling black mold spores that were found in his mansion. A few days later, he was buried next to the storied and incredible actress, Marilyn Monroe.

Hugh Hefner was a controversial figure. Many believe he played a huge role in liberating western society from their conservative views about the role of women. His magazine featured articles and stories written by some of the most famous writers and political figures of our time. Others believe his magazine was vile and tasteless. Either way, Hugh Hefner successfully created a billion dollar empire, and his passing is the end of an era.

Listen as Andy and Romeo discuss the recent passing of The Hef.


Andy_H: So, it’s been a tough week for celebrity losses, Romeo.
Romeo: It has.
Andy_H: We had Tom Petty and, of course, Hugh Hefner.
Romeo: The Hef.
Andy_H: The Hef himself, finally croaked, as one would say. Passed on to the…to a better place.
Romeo: To a better place.
Andy_H: Yeah.
Romeo: Well said. Yes.
Andy_H: And what a storied career. I mean, I just read up that he quit his job and started his magazine with $600. And it’s turned into a multi-billion dollar, I mean…literally it has changed the way that Western people live their lives.
Romeo: Yeah, I love his magazine. The stories…
Andy_H: The stories are incredible.
Romeo: The page where they have the stories…those are so funny!
Andy_H: Even King got his start…
Romeo: Yes.
Andy_H: … writing in his magazine.
Romeo: The jokes! It’s got some good jokes.
Andy_H: They are pretty good jokes, yeah. Anyways, it’s the end of an era.
Romeo: Yeah, the stories the walls could tell at that mansion.
Andy_H: Yeah, I mean, presidents used to hang out there. And a lot of them!


Andy tells Romeo it has been a tough week for celebrity deaths. Tom Petty and Hugh Hefner both passed on. The Hef is moving on to a better place. Andy thinks Hugh Hefner has a very storied past, and is impressed that Hugh started his magazine with only $600.

Romeo agrees. Romeo liked the magazine. He claims he enjoyed reading the stories and the jokes. Andy agrees that the jokes were pretty good. Romeo wonders what stories the walls of Hugh Hefner’s mansion could tell. They are probably some pretty good stories.

What do you think of Hugh Hefner? Have you ever read his magazine?

Grammar Point


Andy is discussing the death of Hugh Hefner. He says, “So, it’s been a tough week for celebrity losses, Romeo.” He is using an adjective.

Adjectives are words that describe nouns and pronouns, for example, pretty, happy, ugly, or smart. Adjectives usually come before the noun, as in, “That was a scary movie!”

Remember, unlike in some other languages, adjectives have only one form in English. They don’t have a singular and plural form or a masculine and feminine form. For instance, you wouldn’t say, “Those girls are beautifuls.” Even though there is more than one girl, you’d still say, “Those girls are beautiful.” Adjectives look the same no matter what noun they describe.

Which is correct, “These are delicious cookies,” or “These are deliciouses cookies”?


  1. Hugh Hefner started his magazine with how much money?

  2. Andy and Romeo think Hugh’s magazine has pretty good __.

  3. The end of a period of time that is special for a particular reason is sometimes called __.

  4. Which of the following words is an adjective?

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