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What does "tough it out" mean?

Vocabulary Word: tough it out

1. Definition (expr.) wait for something unpleasant to finish

Examples This class is so boring, but I’ve got to tough it out until the end of the semester.

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Let’s go and play golf in the rain.

Yeah, man,  let’s tough it out. ( one of the episodes of King of Queens, when Doug couldn’t wait as he promised his friend Richie to be at a certain time and at the same time was tempted to play golf with a well-to-do companion Ray who got him invited on the spur of the moment) And as it goes, not everything goes smoothly, the rain started and Doug in order to be on time with his mate Richie, decides to tough it out and play golf in the rain. Nice episode, Rayny Day

  Doug’s face is not happy at all :)

06:51 AM Sep 23 2012 |

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