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December 25, 2010

‘  We will not forget, at the beginning of new China established. Rough period which is blocked by the West, was Pakistan has provided the path world air corridor to China; We will not forget, after 2008 Chinese Wenchuan big earthquake, Pakistan will donate the national account awning China. This deep friendship, is the money cannot buy.’said by Wen Jiabao

  Some matters don’t need a word, we understood. A help, a repayment, the friendship which is firmer than the gold, permanent

December 18, 2010

  Endless job,endless complaint,endless…everything.  The time passes in the complaint,we forgot how to pick the willpower which we lost someday~  We can only learn to use our time fully again slowly to cause itself.In initial stage it must be difficult,but if you insist to do it you will the winner in your life!