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November 6, 2007

Really, in this world, nothing is more beautiful than oneself. That is so, because of human spychology,.But friendship is the only key which opens a door to gather all the beauties together, and that togetherness is the charm of life.

November 5, 2007

life is a process of dying. we live each and every single moment in our life passing by with living,. But in reality it is a dying. you see many of them are dead, no longer exist in our lives. Some of them just remain in our memory but as a record, no longer in consciousness.

Death is nothing but just a other name for change. So, there is nothing wrong to die if had you lived loving and kind way to oneself and otherself as well. Death is real fearful if had you lived a pointless life.

So, though to live is uncertain and to die is certain, yet everyone of us has the certain opportunity to die the uncertian life in peace and contentment.

03:45 PM Apr 26 2014

United Kingdom

Very thoughtful I would say, to come to terms with death, the only certain unavoidable fact that we all die, everything dies, and one day it would be you, yourself that will be leaving.

The sad part is, there is about 7 billion people that are alive now marching there way into their death sooner or later and yet life is as mysterious as death.

12:01 AM Nov 09 2007



Oh I very enjoyed this short important lesson! I thank you so much.