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dreaming girl

May 3, 2008


December 19, 2007

in the morning ,i got up earlier than yesterday.my freind stayed at my house yesterday.taday i went to go to work with her .when i finished washing ,i broke the windows .wow.so big a fog.we couldn't see each other in a meter.i hate fog.there are  always a lot of traffice accidents among fog weather.and when the fog is very big ,it will make some companys lack something.for example when we need to ship goods ,we need a good weather to ship it well .just stop here.

December 17, 2007

yesterday my father called me .i dont know the feelings then .it is neither happy nor sad.just a little wired,mother and father have broken .i didnt rebel it .then i was sad ,now all was past.i just feel that make me strong .my soul is much stronger.i have grown up.i  complain anything about it no longer.in the world the best soul freinds are your parents and your lover .we should forgive their mistakes ,and give them best wishes .we should learn how to bear with them .i know .everyone knows life is short .we should do like that.learn how to love them.