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dreaming girl

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December 7, 2007

yesterday ,i have a day off .and not work.when i was staying at home staring my computer i got a phone. the messgage is so bad for me ,for my relatives ,and for my soul. my male cousin died the day after yesterday .when i heard the news i felt very amazing.the first feeling is that lives are so weak.every minitue maybe you will lose one of you relatives.i know it is so a bad news for us .especially for his monther ,his father ,his wife ,his daugher.you know?he is just 31 years old ,and he married the year before last .and then had a baby last year .when he is 28 years old ,he started his factory.now his factory is getting better and better.and now he------.oh ,my god .unbelieve it .

  i learned about it .we cant countrl our lives ,our destiny,our past expierences ,but we can countrl today.we can countrl our mind today .we should treature the thing that we have .the relitives we have .just stop here

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12:30 AM Dec 08 2007


i am sorry to hear that .we are just not prepared for the bad news.we are too busy and take their existence for granted .i hope that tomorrow will be another day ,for you ,fou all people...