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November 2, 2009

I Know that some of ppl Hate Allah or Don't Belive in Allah,,I Saw many ppl talking about Muslims....

I Wanna to shear something to You ppl That Don't Belive in Allah...


only watch  first part..second and other parts u will watch  by yourself 


04:28 AM May 25 2011

Reza Mahmud


I believe some one create the whole world, what or which we can see or not. Allah the almighty existence created everything. science and every measure acknowledge that. 


12:25 AM Dec 12 2010

Saudi Arabia

Hi.Thank u for being my friend. Would u please  send me ur mail so we can communicate with each other freely...And u can write me to oceanview_0102@yahoo.com... I well be waiting for u sweet friend.. 

May 6, 2009

    I Would like to know you'r opinion ....

  • What mean the Word Allah for you
  • Quran
  • Are you proud that  You are Muslim

 I hope my Questions are clearly,i will wait you'r Answers....

Thank you

04:51 AM May 25 2011

Reza Mahmud


Hi friend! It's nice topix!

My answers here: The word `Allah' means the lord of all, the only one owner of everything, the almighty existence.

The Holly Qur'an is the messages of Allah, the holly book which contains the proper guidelines for the human society and for the whole worlds.

And yes! Thanx to Allah, the almighty that he make me Muslim. I'm very proud to be a Muslim

11:41 PM Jun 01 2009



 Hi dear, I really liked to give my comment..... /

the word Allah means the presence of compassion, sincenity, humanity ......

 Koran is our book, which contains not only the relegious things , but it's more a bout science world. it's contains many features, and it tell as what is good for us and what is bad,  actuly with it reasons to any preclude.

 i'm very proud to be Muslim and I thank god every day that I born in a Muslim family. I never can imagine even for a moment that I'll give up Islam.



06:13 AM May 09 2009



Thank you for you'r comment... Yeah i know that Allah it's our god coz im Muslim too,, But i think u did not get my Question

What mean Word Allah For you__------->I mean Allah it one, to Who u Pray or it one who You always keep in u'r heart,Always it first to u,When u say Allah... How do u feel,

I hope i was  clearly  i dont know how to explay what i mean with this Question

06:06 AM May 09 2009

just a person
United Arab Emirates

hey ! Allah is our Lord .. lord of all

the Holy Quran is our book  , Allah  send it for us to teach us and lead us

Alhamdo Lillah ( thanx Allah ) cuz am Muslim and pf course proud to be  :)


03:01 PM May 08 2009




I;am fine thnx what about you... thank you for you'r halp, i know for ISLAM but not as other do... I would like to Know more ,, i will accept you'r halp....

Thank you  so much

I'm waitin you

02:45 PM May 08 2009

Reem naser

Reem naser
Saudi Arabia


how are you? i hope  you  fine.

i'm glad to see you  care about aslam..
i will send my mail for you  to  speak with you about aslam if you want my dear

i will  learn you  about  aslam more..

and the end ...i would like thank( Rashid )about this great answerSmile

01:28 AM May 08 2009



I'am the one who should Thank you....Thank you for you'r Answers

 (What mean Allah Word For you)

The word Allah means a lot to me ... A name that has a weight and made happy ... When I say happy because Allah thush feel very safe and protected

 (Quran )

Patrons book, Book of the Spirit. Are u Proud that you are Muslim

(Are you Proud That You are Muslim)

I'm Proud,I Proud that evry day i learn new things about Muslims...

....Thank You...


03:05 PM May 07 2009

dark wolf

dark wolf
Saudi Arabia

First,,, i would like to thank you fro these questions...

 ( what mean the word ALLAH for you)

Allah is a name of our god . also there are 99 names of Allah in Holy Qura'n (Asma ul-Husna).

( what the word Quran means for you)

it is  book of Allah....Muslims beleive the Quran to be guidance for people. alson it is miracle of prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)


( Are you a broud that you are a Muslim?)

I thank Allah to be Muslim, i am very broud ,not because i am better that other,but i found the right way ,,, Islam is the onely way for humanity,,,look over the history and you will understanding me.


Finally,,i hope to answer your questions ( as i know) >>>

Also i would thank my friend ( Reem ) who told me about this topic,,


thank you ,,>>


Rashid ,,,Saudi Arabia

09:24 PM May 06 2009


yes .. i'm so proud that i'm a mouslim