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My thoughts about way of life

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Russian Federation

July 3, 2008

I would want to introduce myself.

1. My name is Alla. I'm from the biggest country in the world - Russian Federation. I live in the capital of Russia, in Moscow. I'm proud of the history of Russia and my native land. 

2.  Alco is my internet name. It doesn't concern Alcohol. I hate it!! I haven't bad habits. I can be fun and without alcohol, drugs and other filth )) 

3. I have a lot of dreams. I want to become TV showwoman and help people all over the world. After my successful career I'm to invest my earned money to charity. I want to know that my help is needed. But first of all, I want to be successful in comedy profession. There is a club of funny and sharp-witted people in the university where I'm going to enter and I want to go there and start my creative way.

4. I'm creative girl and I like making up different sceneries and stories. But the most desirable thing is to be an actress.My friends are talanted persons. And I'm happy that I have such unique friends. I'm sure they will be successful in the future.

5. The last what I want to tell you is my wish to speak in English and have friends in different countries of our huge world.

My English isn't very good, and I hope that I'll improve it with the help of native speakers.





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09:51 AM Jul 12 2008


Russian Federation

Thank you )

I hope I'll do it necessarily.  

03:51 PM Jul 03 2008

Costa Rica

Congratulations. You have great ideas for your life. I wish you could do all what you want. Go ahead, keep going!