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March 12, 2011


I feel so tired in recent days, my stomach and head is painful at every day and night. I thought so much, about my families (my dad, mom, brother and sister,etc), my life in the past years and my dreaming future, which has already tore up my health and disorgnized my life, and I could not even concentrated on my job, everything seemed so bad on me.

But when thought about I was still young, still had a long way to go, I know that neither I will not give up my life, my job and of course nor my families and my dear friends. I found my energize from my body and the sprit in my heart. I know that I can bear, no matter what happened, no matter how things go wrong.

I went to hospital with the company of my good friends, fortunately, doctor told me that I was just Incorporeal and lack of a good rest, he gave me a prescription, and told me if I was still feel like that after had this medicine, then maybe I need a X-ray on my head cause I had told him that I had head injuries in the past year.

I got the courage, and what I can do is just keeping health, have a good rest, take medicine, dreak more water and have a good sleep, And what's the most important is to keep a open heart.

Every day is filled with sunshine because sunshine has already filled in my heart.

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