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The Memoirs of Chauvin

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October 30, 2008



I wandered with apathy along the cloister

A tranquil ambience which I yearned for.

Hastily a quaint wind perturbed my soul,

A specter whispered and flustered my existence.

I was screeched and essayed to elude my consternation,

Yet her innocous voice haunted me.

I lost my consciousness and after all 

My temporary death, I hysterically squealed

And scrutinized the Goddess of Netherworld.

The nymph crumpled the black rose to redeem her from demise.

I bestowed her the crucifix and the boon of indulgence.

The muse manifestly turned into ashes,

As she absconded the underworld.

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View all entries from The Memoirs of Chauvin >