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The Memoirs of Chauvin

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November 25, 2008

Nationalist Economics is the product of the mind of Alejandro Lichauco. In this modern century this masterpiece will help the nation to achieve a better economy. Philippines nowadays is experiencing a turmoil in the economy. The fluctuation of the prices of the commodities makes the lives of Filipinos charter change in order for us to outlive the financial crisis which the world experiences today particularly in the United States? Do we need to replace our corrupt leaders just to eliminate the bad impression that our nation has? Philippines is a catholic nation yet she is one of the most corrupt countries in Asia and in the world based on the survey. It is very disgusting that a catholic state is practicing immoral values. It is very oxymoron for the Filipinos to practice the good and evil at the same time. The church, the institution and the family are the three of the agents of our character formation. How about the government, do they practice honesty? Definitely a big no. For the government practices habitually the values of egoism, hunger for power, thirst for political killings, crab mentality, land grabbing and sloth in helping the country progress. These are her main agenda to enrich themselves with money, land power and authority. unstable. The Dollar-Peso exchange rate helps us aware on our economic status. This is the big question, how will Juan de la Cruz survive the given challenges to him? Will he land a better job? Will the government support the basic needs of every Filipino? Does our country need
In this book, it will help us students to be cognizant in our society. The youth should not be numbed for every action that the government does. we should know to cooperate with them for we are the future leaders of our nation. We should have a sense of nationalism because no one will ever love our country except us. Furthermore this book helps us to know what is the Nationalist Economics in its deeper meaning and how those economics principles and the different theories which those Economic Analysts made will support and guide our country towards progress.
What does Nationalism and the Nationalist Economics stand for? Many individuals are bewildered how does a person acquire the sense of nationalism. ordinary thinkers might comprehend that the use of one's native language is enough to say that we are truly  nationalist. Nevertheless I could say that appreciating our vernacular language, traditions and cultures are not enough that we are truly Filipinos because even a moron, the uneducated and indios can do that. Patronizing one's product is the real essence of being nationalist. I might say that in these modern times Filipinos are not genuinely Filipinos because the modern Juan de la Cruz is facing the neocolonialism. Patronizing the products of foreign countries are the real intentions of him. From head to toe the products that have been used are imported. Where is the sense of nationalism? Does Juan de la Cruz love his country? Definitely it is a big lie because even technologies and cultures of the western world and other Asian cultures are much preferred than us. He embraces them with whole-heartedly. How do we measure the our pathetic situation to our neighboring countries? Through technology this is the man's measurement of country's progress. Philippines is now being left behind by her fellow nations. Why? Because she always depends on the powerful states like the United States of America. She always embraces the technology of the western world. She could not even produce a decent hammer, a simple machine like needle which she used to import it from China.The main reason of her dependency to other western world and other Asian countries is because of Free Trade. Free Trade allows the exchange of different goods and services that would penetrate the market industry. It kills the local market because Filipinos do not have a sense of nationalism. People would intent to buy and purchase products from abroad than the local products and do not realize that the local market suffers from this condition.
Our country is an agricultural state for we are less dependent on industry. I might say that Philippines is applying what Francois Quesnay trying to point out. Francois Quesnay believes that agriculture is the main source of nation's wealth and therefore it must be prioritized. In addition, the physiocrats believed that the abundance and progress of one's state comes from the land. On the other hand, it is not yet the end for us Filipinos to embrace the world of industrialization. Like what the country of Japan did to her people. She embraced the industry than agriculture. Moreover she followed the mercantilism philosophy wherein she protected the local market from the abusive foreign investors and made a rule to import little and at the same time to export as much as possible. That is the reason why Japan is an industrialized country and one of the richest nations in the world and belongs to the Group of Eight elite states despite the fact that she experienced a big phobia against foreign investments.
One of European countries that was an agrarian state before is the Germany.This nation was transformed from an agricultural into industrialized state with the help of two great men of Germany. They are Friedrich List and Otto van Bismarck. They provided the mercantilism principle and applied the Nationalist Economics respectively. Through these great man of Germany. The nation belongs to the Group of Eight elite countries. In these times, Germany is competing together with two of the opwerful states of all time: The United Kingdom and France.
If we follow the foot steps of Japan, we are not supposed to face the economic instability, Like what Taiwan and the South Korea did, they followed the mercantilism principle. These nations made the world astonished on their economic performance. Both of these states are the "New Japans" of the world today. Through these  they were able to succeed even though they were really lacking on natural resources which our country has. In these present times, they can produce their own engines, machines and to build up a steel industry. Our neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India and Indonesia had a better economic performance compared to us. Malaysia is engaged in heavy industries and bid projects. Thailand ignored the international patent rights of foreign drug manufacturers. On the other hand, Singapore embraces the free trade but on the side of India and Indonesia both of them disregarded the policy of free trade which made them to succeed.

These nations are called the Newly Industrialized Countries of the current era because of the great achievement they had done to their peoples. The reason why they are also called the Tiger Economics of Asia is because their economic stability is being compared to a jungle and growling tiger which roars and makes a rapid movements. Like this extraordinary tiger these nations made a rapid growth and development to their country. They make their names roar as they became one of the developing countries of all time. I would say that the Philippine economy can be compared to a pathetic turtle. Both are very slow in action and carry a heavy burden forever which can be likely to be a curse for the Filipinos.

The Philippines might not be one of the Third World Countries if her people would appreciate what the late President Carlos P. Garcia did to the Filipinos. The "Filipino First " creates a remarkable impact for the us Filipinos. At his time Filipinos patronized the local markets and even attempted to build up a steel industry and other business enterprises which were the joint project of the government and the Jacinto Steel Incorporated. I might say if every Filipino follows this legacy until now, the country would be competent enough and able to produce its own technologies. If the educated Filipinos disregarded the philosophy and overthrow the main objectives of Adam Smith, the author of "Wealth of Nation", Philippines would be the "New Japan" of the contemporary period.

If the Philippines would be against to the tiny ruling elite which are composed of the greed landlords and other foreign capitalists then there will be an equal distribution of wealth and there would not be a curse to our motherland.Poverty will not be present here as everyone sees it on the streets and less crime rate everyday. Like what the Mexico did as she made wowed the countries in the Latin America as she becomes a leading economic power together with Brazil. Philippines would not be compared anymore to the countries in Africa and in some parts of Latin America, where corruption, poverty and hunger always emerge. If all the presidents of the Philippine would be like Carlos P. Garcia, then all us have a sense of nationalism.     

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