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The Memoirs of Chauvin

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December 13, 2008

Last December 12 2008 was one of the biggest event happened in our school. There was an event entitled MAKIBATA. This is the project of our school and its Office for Community Development. What is all about MAKIBATA? This is an anual activity wherein the Aetas from the different sitios would visit our school and and we as officers of the various organizations would adopt a two Aeta kids and we would bring them in our home in just one night.  At first I was nervous and scared because it was my first time to do this activity. Well I guess, I should conquer my fear because it was a wonderful opportunity to me. In the morining, we fed the Aeta kids and there we had given the special tasks and that is to be a foster parent of those little kids. It was really fun because they were so nice and very active in that activity. Although there was a bad whether happened still we found a place that all of us would enjoy. We were still happy because during the afternoon the we experienced a good whether. I was a little bit worry at that time because I had also class but thank God, I was excuse for my two subjects only because I presented to them my excuse letter. Still, I need to take my quiz in Calculus although it was hard but I need to attend the quiz if not there would be no grade to me. But I have a good friend of mine who became a volunteer of the event and she assisted my foster kids for a mean time.


After my three-hour class I went back to the venue of our activity. There I witnessed everyone that they were making a kite and there was a huge slide which is  made up of air balloon. The kids were very jolly playing with their kites and the slides too and I participated with them. Though the day was so weary, still I enjoyed. There was a cultural show in the Tan Yan Kee Student Center and the little Aetas and some of the bands of the UST's organization performed.

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View all entries from The Memoirs of Chauvin >

03:45 AM Dec 13 2008

United Arab Emirates