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My Warm Blog

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January 21, 2008

Not to escape
Barely smile
Is not the occasional perfunctory
With the heart injury
Not necessarily be riddled with problems
Haggard face
Liberal hidden in tears

Chen's mother
Around the ears
Not hate do not listen to her mother's words
She is full of yearning

Pedestrians smile
Happiness is a sign
The physical and mental fatigue
Accept this stormy baptism
I love is helpless
However, I can afford it

January 21, 2008

It snowed a few days in Nanchang , and good fun, oh ~ `

Since the third year that year, and now it has under the
snow, and I am looking forward in a good mood

   To tell the truth, I really like it, I like the people and I
 like to play in the snow, so I think I will be very happy in
 the ~ `` `may be simply Nanchang

After a few field-it was never a reason ~ `

Today, I did not intend to up in, but when I was awake
when I heard some people say that snow, the ice and
snow have made great ah `~ ~ I do not start with a

Letter, not because of how much yesterday, it is now
under great Caiguai ~ ``

Then I called people I saw in the bedroom, that is really

   At that time, I feel that I should I have my favorite
happy to listen to the people, but after a regret on the
death, Mr Frederick

He did not understand that I, like sleep with a dead pig,
 I give it to you to Qisi

   Hei hei, but okay, I just want, if you want to see snow

Hearts are uncomfortable watching a ~~````

09:15 PM Jan 21 2008

Hengbo shi

Hengbo shi

  loving girl,will you be glad when it has been snowing for ten days? ha ~

January 21, 2008

Tongue out


This is my first make blog !

  Im nice to you can join into it ,to see my warm ,it is full

with my love ~




   welcome welcome ~

09:36 PM Jan 21 2008


it's very nice