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January 21, 2008

It snowed a few days in Nanchang , and good fun, oh ~ `

Since the third year that year, and now it has under the
snow, and I am looking forward in a good mood

   To tell the truth, I really like it, I like the people and I
 like to play in the snow, so I think I will be very happy in
 the ~ `` `may be simply Nanchang

After a few field-it was never a reason ~ `

Today, I did not intend to up in, but when I was awake
when I heard some people say that snow, the ice and
snow have made great ah `~ ~ I do not start with a

Letter, not because of how much yesterday, it is now
under great Caiguai ~ ``

Then I called people I saw in the bedroom, that is really

   At that time, I feel that I should I have my favorite
happy to listen to the people, but after a regret on the
death, Mr Frederick

He did not understand that I, like sleep with a dead pig,
 I give it to you to Qisi

   Hei hei, but okay, I just want, if you want to see snow

Hearts are uncomfortable watching a ~~````

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09:15 PM Jan 21 2008

Hengbo shi

Hengbo shi

  loving girl,will you be glad when it has been snowing for ten days? ha ~